Enjoy the Skate Park - Follow the Rules!

Skate Park Rules

  1. All skaters are required to sign a waiver before entering the Skate Park. Children under 18 years old must have a parent/legal guardian sign their waiver.
  2. Skating and the use of the equipment in the Skate Park are inherently dangerous activities and all participants assume the risk of entering and using the Skate Park.
  3. Pursuant to the City of Winston-Salem Ordinance Section 38-18(d), all skaters are required to wear a safety helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads at all times when skating in the Skate Park. Individuals without the proper safety equipment are prohibited from using the Skate Park.
  4. All individuals within the Skate Park are required to wear shirts, closed toe shoes, and pants/shorts while on the premises.
  5. Reckless or dangerous skaters will be requested to leave the Skate Park immediately.
  6. Report all injuries to Staff. Do not move the injured person until trained medical personnel arrives to take charge of the care for the injured person.
  7. ONLY skateboards are permitted in the Skate Park. Skateboards must be in proper working condition to be used at the Skate Park. The use of bicycles, inline skates, “wheelie shoes,” scooters, any motorized skateboards or other like devices, and motorized toys and vehicles are strictly prohibited.
  8. Only one person per skateboard. 
  9. Only one skater on a ramp at a time.
  10. The Skate Park is to be used as designed. Personal ramps, rails, outside obstacles, and other modifications to the Skate Park are prohibited.
  11. Drug use/possession and alcohol consumption is prohibited.
  12. Animals/pets, glass, smoking, weapons and fireworks are not allowed in the Skate Park. 
  13. Food and beverages are allowed in the designated areas only.
  14. Please dispose of all trash appropriately.
  15. Loud personal music, sound gathering devices and unruly behavior such as fighting and swearing is prohibited. Violators will be asked to leave the premises of the Skate Park immediately.
  16. The City of Winston-Salem is NOT responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  17. The Skate Park may be closed at the discretion of the City of Winston-Salem. Violations of these rules and regulations shall subject offenders to criminal and administrative sanctions including, without limitation, being ejected from the facility, and a permanent ban from using the Skate Park.

These rules in printable format and the Release of Liability form (required for entrance) [pdf/1p]

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