Local Action Plan to Reduce Emissions of Greenhouse Gases

Local Action Plan to Reduce Emissions of Greenhouse Gases

Sustainability steps of  Recreation & Parks

Existing Reduction Measures in Winston-Salem Government Operations

  • Use composite lumber made of recycled plastics to replace worn park benches and trash can containers in various park locations.
  • Reduced the number of take-home vehicles for employees to decrease gas consumption.
  • Use electric golf carts instead of gas carts at Winston Lake Golf Course
  • Maintain greenways to allow people to use alternative transportation that will allow citizens to bike to work, shop, exercise and get to school.
  • Continue to work with Property Maintenance to increase the efficiency of lighting and HVAC systems at existing recreation facilities.
  • Built and improved the drainage filtration of all the water run off with stone at the Dog Park before the water drains into the creek.

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Recent Action

The Spring/Summer 2010 edition of WePLAY, the 24-page printed publication that lists activities and events at city recreation centers, was printed on FSC certified paper. FSC paper comes from well-managed forests, controlled sources, and recycled wood or fiber. The entire chain-of-custody channel from forest to printer is controlled and certified.


looking at the printed sheets of WePLAY Checking the printed  pages
printed sheets of WePLAY stacked up the finished WePLAY guide


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Future Reduction Measures for Winston-Salem Government Operations

  • Develop an Environmental Management System (EMS) to prompt us to set department- and division-level goals for rainwater harvest and impervious surface reduction.
  • Implement recycling of aluminum cans, plastic bottles and paper products at select recreation facilities.
  • Plant more trees in parks and around recreation facilities.
  • Implement environmentally-friendly maintenance practices at Winston Lake Golf Course. E.g., allow “natural” growth in certain areas so mowing and fertilizing no longer required.
  • Minimize use of chemical pesticides – use IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to prevent pest problems. Reduces water pollution and helps improves soil life.
  • Use pervious asphalt, pervious concrete or other pervious material to build new or resurface existing access roads or parking lots.
  • Increase connectivity of greenways so citizens have more opportunities to bike to work, shop and schools.
  • Maintenance staff moves to a four-day work week. Would reduce fuel usage and GHG emissions. Reduced crew would work the additional day with park sites.
  • Reduce frequency of mowing at lesser-used park facilities.
  • Buy promotional/marketing items that are eco-friendly.
  • Capturing rain water to use for irrigation; pressure washing.
  • Using synthetic turf on ball fields that will reduce the amount of mowing, water, and daily maintenance on fields.

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Read the Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Local Action Plan to Reduce Emissions Report July 2008 [pdf/1mb/43p] 

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