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Spotlight on code enforcement
Collection changes for Easter and Memorial Day holidays
EARTH DAY is April 22
Bulky item pick-up starts in March 
ABC Recycling Service Providers
Need a replacement recycling bin?
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Spotlight on code enforcement

A message from Sanitation Director Johnnie Taylor 

Are you aware that the Sanitation Department has a code-enforcement section? You might wonder, “What do they do?” Lots, as it turns out.

Our sanitation code enforcement officers are responsible for monitoring the entire city for problems that range from improper storage of waste, excess bags placed beside voluntary carts, to containers that are left at the curb beyond the time allowed by city ordinance. With more than 200,000 residents in Winston-Salem, they have plenty to do.

The continued success of the city’s voluntary cart program – more than 50,000 carts are now in use – has been helped by the enforcement officers’ efforts to keep the program flowing smoothly. Residents who use voluntary carts must place all their garbage in the cart. Code enforcement ensures that the rules are followed and neighbors are not faced with issues of unsightly excess garbage piled up at the curb.

When problems are spotted, an enforcement officer leaves a door hanger on the offending house. Most problems are solved on the first notification, and residents usually appreciate being informed of problems that they often were unaware existed.

The Code Enforcement section is a vital part in making sure we live in a clean and tidy community. They are working hard each and every day to serve all of us who call Winston-Salem home.

Things to help!

  1. Make sure that your containers are in good condition.
  2. Keep your garbage inside the roll-out cart if you’re participating in the curbside collection program. (Waste should fit inside the container with lid closed)
  3. Remember that all garbage should be bagged.
  4. Don’t place construction material in your garbage containers for disposal.

Bulky item pick-up starts in March

If the junk is piling up and you’ve been putting off a trip to the dump, the city is coming to your rescue: Starting March 3, the city will begin its annual bulky item pick-up.

Through Aug. 29, city crews will go through the city street by street, collecting bulky items that garbage crews cannot accept. Furniture, mattresses, appliances, furniture, grills and carpet, old toys, and lawn furniture can all be set out. But there are limits: The city cannot collect building materials, hazardous waste, tires, cement, cars and car parts, stumps, tanks and oil drums, fire wood or yard waste.

City crews will visit each neighborhood only once. The Sanitation Division will mail post cards in advance to let home owners know when bulky item collection will be held in their neighborhood.

Bulky item collection is for single-family residences, not businesses or apartments. For more information, call 727-2638.

Use the Internet to find out when your house is scheduled for bulky item collection. Go to and follow the links to type in your address. Maps are also available in the North Carolina Room of the Central Library of the Forsyth County Public Library, 660 W. Fifth St.


Leaf Mulch is available
March 21, 22, 29, April 5, 12

Recycling in action! Leaf mulch information web page

Leaf truck

Collection changes for Easter and Memorial Day holidays



  • Easter is observed Friday, March 21
    Garbage collections scheduled for Friday, March 21, will be held Monday, March 24.
  • All other garbage collections the week of March 18, as well as yard-waste and curbside recycling collections, will not be affected.

Memorial Day

  • Memorial Day is observed Monday, May 26
    All curbside recycling and yard-waste collections the week of May 26 will be postponed one day: Monday on Tuesday, Tuesday on Wednesday, etc.
  • There will be no change in garbage collections.
Earth Day is April 22

Earth Day, April 22, is a day to celebrate and a call to action to protect and preserve the Earth and think green. How? Do anything that is meaningful for both you and the environment! Simple things that you can do:

Attend an Earth Day fair:

  • Participate in an outdoor activity and celebrate the Earth’s natural heritage: bird watching, camping, hiking, biking, walking, etc.
  • Reduce-Reuse-Recycle

Reduce the amount of materials or products before they become waste. It’s preventing waste in the first place! Reduce wasteful, excessive packaging or unnecessary products. 

Reduce the amount of toxics chemical in our environment by using non-hazardous or less hazardous alternatives. Manage left-overs properly. Give them to someone else to use or properly dispose of them at our local household hazardous waste facility - 3RC-The EnviroStation, 1401 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. 3RC information  

Reuse items before they go in the recycling bin. Reusing delays or prevents entry into the waste stream. 

Recycle by participating in a recycling program. Separate your recyclables and put them out for curbside pickup or take them to a drop-off center. Recycle at home, work, and school.  

Then complete the cycle by supporting recycling markets. Buy products made from recycled materials and in containers that can be recycled in your community.

You can also recycle your yard trimmings and food scraps. Put them in a backyard composting bin to make mulch.  

Recycling is great, but reducing and reusing are even better!

Earth Day has had a major impact on our nation and on the laws governing our nation. Visit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s website to learn about the progress made in protecting human health and protecting our natural environment. or  

ABC Recycling Service providers

Effective January 1, 2008, House Bill 1518 requires certain holders of ABC permits to separate, store, and recycle all recyclable beverage containers. The following vendors provide recycling services:

Leisure Time/Triad Solutions
Gene Petty
(336)775-4000, toll-free (877)839-1095  

Reflective Recycling
Bill Clark

Marvin Stallworth

Waste Industries
Brandie Knight, Roger Marcum

Waste Management
Steve Dominick

For more information on starting a recycling program, visit


Need a replacement or second recyling bin?

Send an e-mail to Waste Management, the city's curbside recycling partner:

Full recycle bin

Did you know?

North Carolinians recycle 68 pounds of materials a second. That’s impressive! But we throw away 679 pounds of trash a second. That’s ten times what we recycle.

With the amount of trash North Carolinians throw away, we could fill enough Dumpsters to line the length of Interstate 40 from one end of North Carolina to the other more than six times in a year. That’s 2,555 miles of Dumpsters! (Source: )

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