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Director’s Message
We’re switching to curbside garbage collection

On June 22 the City Council voted to switch to curbside garbage collection. What does this mean to you?

If you are already among the 65 percent of city households that participate in the voluntary curbside collection program, nothing will change in the immediate future.

If you still have backyard collection, you will get free use of a sturdy, 96-gallon cart for your household garbage. The cart can hold 10 garbage bags – big enough for the great majority of households. If one cart container is not enough, you can request a second or third cart. However, an annual service fee of $40 will be charged for each additional cart.

As we have learned through the voluntary curbside collection program, curbside collection is a far more efficient way to collect garbage. It saves money, and it saves the environment because our trucks will spend less time on the road using less fuel and produce fewer emissions.

Curbside collection will allow the Sanitation Department to provide better service because collections will be less affected by winter storms. Additionally, our crews will not have to enter your property, with the risk of damaging landscaping or letting a pet escape.

It will take some time to deliver carts to all city households. Our goal is to start delivering carts as soon as possible. However, the timetable will depend on the rate at which the manufacturer can deliver carts. We hope to have them all delivered to homes by the end of October. Start using your cart as soon as it is delivered. Households with no one physically able to roll out the cart may request an exemption and continue to receive backyard collection.

Use the cart like any other garbage can. Do not place yard waste, brush, or any construction debris in the cart, nor automotive parts, tires, hazardous waste, hot ashes, corrugated cardboard, or plastic bottles.

The carts remain the property of the city. Each has a unique serial number assigned to a specific address. DO NOT write house numbers or put any other markings on the cart.

After curbside garbage collection is fully implemented, we may adjust some collection routes to take advantage of the reduced time the curbside collection offers. This may lead to changes in collection days for some residents. If your collection day is going to change, we will mail you a postcard well in advance. 

If you have questions about curbside collection, see the web page, which also has the exemption application. No exemptions will be granted without a written request.  

Call City Link at 727-8000 with questions or to request an exemption application to be mailed to you.

Guidelines for Curbside Collection

garbage can

Carts should be at the curb by 6 a.m. the day of collection.

Only the carts issued by the city can be used.

The silver lift handle for the truck hoist should be facing the street. The hinge for the lid should be away from the street.

Do not place cart behind parked cars or within three feet of trees and bushes or other carts.

Use only the cart. Retain excess garbage for the next week’s collection. (Do not place bags of trash next to the cart.)

Expanded Rollout Recycling Experiment Started

Eleven neighborhoods in Winston-Salem will begin an expanded rollout recycling pilot project the week of July 5. Households in these neighborhoods have been provided with a large, blue 96-gallon roll-out cart for their recyclables that offers greater convenience and saves time. (The 96-gallon carts are the same size as the carts used for yard waste and curbside collection.)

The carts offer greater convenience because all recyclables can be put in the cart without any sorting or separation. Even corrugated cardboard can go in, as long as it fits inside the cart. They save time because participants only have to put it out every other week. The cart is large enough to hold two-week’s worth of recycling.

The city also benefits. Recycling will only have to be collected in these neighborhoods every other week, so the trucks will use less fuel. Also, the automated collection trucks will collect faster than manual collection with the green bins. This means less pollution and greenhouse-gas emissions.

The pilot program is being financed through a $100,000 grant from the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources and will last for up to three years.

The pilot program includes at least one neighborhood in each of the city’s eight wards. The participating neighborhoods are Angel Oaks, Harrington Village, Pecan Ridge, Morningside, Kings Meadow, Sides Road, Salem Woods, Westmont, Long Creek Village, Fox Hall, and Hope Valley. These neighborhoods all applied for the pilot program and at least 85 percent of the residents agreed to participate. 

This expanded roll-out recycling pilot project follows an initial pilot project in the Villas and Regents Village (two neighborhoods off Peace Haven Road) using 64-gallon roll-out carts that were collected weekly. 

This follow-on pilot program will allow the city to better determine citizen interest and the potential cost savings of rollout recycling.


Upcoming Collection Changes

Independence Day: The federal holiday for Independence Day will be observed on Monday, July 5. Garbage and curbside recycling will follow the normal schedule. Yard-waste cart collections will be postponed a day all week: Monday on Tuesday, etc.

Labor Day: Labor Day will be observed Monday, Sept. 6. Garbage collections will follow the normal schedule. Curbside recycling and yard-waste cart collections will be postponed a day all week: Monday on Tuesday, etc.


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