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May all your Christmases be green
Recycling your holiday waste Special Section
Reduce waste by shopping green
Recycle your Christmas tree

City offices will be closed Monday, Dec. 25, and Monday, Jan. 1, in observance of Christmas and New Year’s Day. Garbage collections will not be affected by the holidays. Yard cart and curbside recycling collections for both weeks will be postponed one day: Monday on Tuesday, Tuesday on Wednesday, etc. For more information, call the Sanitation Division at 727-2638 or the Recycling Hotline at 723-2784.

Don’t miss the last leaf collection on your street

City crews are now collecting leaves. To ensure your leaves are collected, have them raked to the curbside no later than January 1. Remember:
- Rake your leaves to the curb, but not into the street, and
- Don’t park a car next to, or otherwise obstruct, the leaves.

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Recycling your holiday waste

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, an extra million tons of waste are generated nationwide each week. Twenty-five percent more trash is thrown away during this holiday season than any other time of the year!
Yes! Please recycle:
- Christmas cards
- Plain gift boxes (no foiled, colored, or printed boxes)
- Corrugated cardboard (flatten, tie with string in bundles no larger than 3 x 3 feet and place beside bin.)
No thanks…..
- No wrapping or tissue paper, bows, or ribbons
- No colored gift boxes
- No Styrofoam, packaging peanuts, or other packing materials
For a complete list of recyclable materials, visit

Reduce waste by shopping green

Simple tips for “greening” the holiday season by reducing holiday waste:
- Not sure what to get someone? How about a gift certificate? That way, you know the gift will be kept or used.
- Consider nonmaterial gifts. Tickets to a sporting event, movie, concert, or a play are a real treat that don't require much packaging.
- Make a charitable donation in someone’s name.
- Thousands of paper and plastic bags end up in landfills every year. When you go shopping, bring your own reusable bags and reduce the number of bags thrown out. Tell store clerks that you don’t need a bag for small or oversized purchases.
- Think durable! Consider how long an item will last before you buy it.
- Always look for items made with recycled content.
- Wrap gifts in recycled or reused wrapping paper or comic papers. Remember to save used wrapping paper and bows.
- Send recycled-content greeting cards to reduce the amount of virgin paper used during the holidays.
- Send electronic greeting cards to reduce paper waste.
- Recycle paper greeting cards.
- As you make room for new holiday treasures, consider donating unwanted toys, electronics, and clothing to charity instead of throwing them away.

“Recycle” your Christmas tree

The city will recycle your old Christmas tree and put it to good use as mulch for its parks and roadsides. Residents in single family homes inside the city limits can put their Christmas trees at the curb. All lights, decorations, stands and nails must be removed from trees. City crews will begin picking them up Jan. 3. Please be patient; it may take several weeks to collect all the trees.

People who live in apartments, who live outside the city limits or who want to dispose of their trees quickly can take them to the following recreation centers for recycling through January 31, 2007:
- Crawford Park, 4226 Oak Ridge Dr.
- Hanes Hosiery Recreation Center, 501 Reynolds Blvd.
- Hanes Park (tennis court parking lot), 625 West End Blvd.
- Little Creek Recreation Center, 610 Foxcroft Dr.
- Old Town Recreation Center (tennis court parking lot), 4550 Shattalon Dr.
- Parkland Park (tennis courts), 1660 Brewer Rd.
- Polo Park (swimming pool parking lot), 1850 Polo Rd.
- Salem Lake (at the gate), 1001 Salem Lake Rd.
- Sprague Street Recreation Center, 1350 E. Sprague St.
- Winston Lake (swimming pool parking lot), 3535 Winston Lake Rd.

For more information, call the Vegetation Management Division at 748-3020.

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Recycle your old computer at Goodwill

Dell Computers and Goodwill Industries have started ReConnect, a free drop-off program for recycling unwanted computers at any of 114 participating Goodwill donation centers, including the drop-off centers in Winston-Salem.

Owners are responsible for removing data from hard drives and other storage media before turning in their computer. Goodwill will provide a donation receipt. For more information call toll free 1-888-GOODWILL or 1-866-REUSE (73873) or visit to locate the most convenient drop-off location.

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Get a free roll-out garbage cart

DO YOU KNOW that the city offers free roll-out carts to residents who prefer to have their garbage collected at the curb?
- Easy to roll, no dragging or hefting cans to the curb.
- Giant, 96-gallon capacity is bigger and sturdier than any cart you can buy.
- Cart is yours to use at no charge for as long as you participate in the city’s curbside collection program.

If you are interested call 727-2638 or go to and search for “curbside pickup.”

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Make sure your garbage is collected

Follow these easy steps for throwing away garbage:
- Put your garbage in trash cans.
- OK for food waste, waste paper, household sweepings, etc.
- No grass, leaves, rocks, dirt, cleaners, paint, etc.

What if you have more trash than the cans will hold?
- Put the excess trash in a plastic bag.
- Do NOT put any food waste in the bag. Any other household trash is OK.
- Place the bag by the curb the night before you have garbage collection. City crews will pick it up. DO NOT put excess garbage next to your trash cans.

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