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Time to renew yard-cart stickers
Don’t bag those lawn clippings!
Collection changes for Independence Day
Stop junk mail
Recycling plastic bottles is easy
Apartment recycling
Forgot to put something out for bulky-item pick-up?? 

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Time to renew yard-cart stickers

Yard cart stickers for 2007-2008 will expire at the end of June. City residents with yard-waste carts must purchase 2008-2009 stickers by June 30 if they want the city to continue to empty their cart with no interruption in collection.

The fee is $50 to have the cart emptied once a week. Households are limited to three carts and each cart must have a sticker.

Residents can order and pay for stickers online. 

Stickers may also be purchased:

  • At the revenue counter in the Stuart Municipal Building, 100 E. First St.
  • At the Black Phillips Smith Government Center, 2301 N. Patterson Ave.
  • At the City Warehouse, 1550 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.
  • Have the sticker mailed to you by calling 747-6953 and paying with your VISA or Mastercard.

Stickers are good from July 1, 2008, through June 30, 2009, and must be purchased to have a cart emptied for the year or any portion thereof. For more information call City Link at 727-8000.


Stop Junk Mail

You can reduce junk mail by completing a form on the DMA web site to remove your name and address from bulk mailing lists. It only costs $1.00 (to cover processing), and it’s good for three years.

If you don’t want to eliminate all bulk mail (such as catalogs) but you would like to reduce the number of pre-screened credit and insurance offers you are receiving, go to the OptOut web site or call 1-888-5OptOut (1-888-567-8688) to opt-out of these offers. This is a free service to consumers offered by the major credit bureaus.

Direct Mail Association (DMA) 

Don’t bag those lawn clippings!

Now that grass-cutting season is here, remember: City regulations prohibit putting grass clippings in your garbage cans. This rule applies whether or not you bag the clippings.

To dispose of grass clippings, start a compost pile or purchase a yard-waste cart that the city will empty once a week. (For more about buying a yard cart, go to the Sanitation web site, or call City Link at 727-8000.

Collection changes for Independence Day holiday

Independence Day

City offices will be closed Friday, July 4, for Independence Day.

  • Garbage collections on Friday, July 4, will be postponed until Monday, July 7.
  • Curbside recycling for Friday will be postponed until Saturday, July 5.
  • There will be no change in yard-waste cart collections.

Recycling plastic bottles is easy

1. “Check for a Neck.” It must be a bottle with a neck smaller than the base or widest part. (Other types of plastic items, including peanut butter and other food jars, should not be recycled).
2. Remove and throw away caps, lids, and pumps in the regular trash.
3. Empty contents (no need to remove labels) and rinse (thorough rinsing not necessary).
4. Place uncapped, empty, rinsed plastic bottles in your recycle bin with other aluminum, steel, and glass items.

Include these kinds of bottles: laundry, household cleaners, and bottles used in the kitchen and bathroom.

Remember to keep paper items separated from other recyclables. For more information, visit Recycle Today  

Apartment recycling

Recycling is available to multifamily units (apartments, condominiums, town homes). Only the property's owner, manager, or association president can authorize recycling collection service. For more information, call City Link at 727-8000.

Forgot to put something out for bulky-item pick-up?

If your neighborhood has already had bulky item pickup for the year and you forgot to put something out, remember: All city residents get two free trips to the Hanes Mill Road landfill per year.

The permits may be used with non-commercial use cars or vans, single-axle trailers (8-foot max.) or ½ ton trucks. Apply for a permit online at Landfill permits , or call City Link at 727-8000.

Look up your Bulky Item Pickup date online

Need a new, a replacement or a second recyling bin?

Send an e-mail to Waste Management, the city's curbside recycling partner: or call 72-EARTH or call City Link at 727-8000.

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Recycle Today pages:  

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