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Bulky Item Collection Has Started
Earth Day is coming
Do you have a yard-waste cart?
Collection changes for Easter and Memorial Day holidays
Rollout Recycling Project Increases Recycling

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Bulky Item Collection Has Started

The city’s annual bulky item pick-up is underway. Through Aug. 29, crews will go through the city street by street, collecting bulky items that garbage crews cannot accept. Furniture, mattresses, appliances, grills, and carpet, old toys, and lawn furniture can all be set out.

The city cannot collect televisions, computer equipment, building materials, hazardous waste, tires, cement, cars or car parts, stumps, tanks or oil drums, firewood, or yard waste. Do not mix bulky items with yard waste, recyclables, or brush.

Bulky item collection is for single family residences, not businesses or apartments. The Sanitation Division will mail post cards in advance to let home owners know when bulky item collection will be held in their neighborhood. Crews will go through each neighborhood only once. To ensure collection, items must be at the curb by 6 a.m. the Monday of your collection week.

Citizens can view a map of collection routes and look up their collection week online.

For more information call CityLink at 727-8000.

Do you have a yard-waste cart?

Spring is here and with it, the return of the growing season. Remember, you cannot put grass clippings and other yard waste in the garbage. Compost your yard waste on site or take advantage of the Sanitation Division’s yard cart program. For a low annual fee, the city will come by every week and empty your yard cart.

This is a year-round service. Use it for grass in the summer, and leaves in the fall and winter. Yard carts can also be used to dispose of small branches, shrubbery clippings, and garden residue. Yard carts cannot be used for stumps, rocks, dirt, large branches, construction material, animal waste, bags, boxes, or garbage. You may not use your garbage roll-out cart as a yard-waste cart.

Place your cart at the curb by 7 a.m. on your yard-waste cart collection day. Please remember to remove the cart from the curb by midnight of your collection day.

Only 96-gallon carts that are compatible with city's automated collection vehicles may be used. Yard carts with hinged, tight-fitting lids to eliminate litter, odor, and insect problems can be ordered through the city for $65 by calling CityLink at 727-8000. Or you can pick up a yard cart at the City Warehouse, located at 1550-A Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, between 7:30 a.m. and 4:15 p.m. You will need enough space in your vehicle to hold the 96-gallon cart.

The annual fee for collection of yard carts is $60 per year, from July 1 through June 30. This is a flat fee for a full year or any portion of it. The fee is not prorated for a partial year.

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A YARD CART, don’t forget to purchase a sticker for the 2011-2012 collection year. Stickers are available online, by calling CityLink at 727-8000, at the Black-Phillips-Smith Government Center (2301 N. Patterson Ave.) and at the business office in the Stuart Municipal Building, 100 E. First Street.

Information about yard-waste carts and online renewal.

Earth Day is April 16 

Piedmont Earth Day Sponsor

The annual Piedmont Earth Day Fair is coming to the Dixie Classic Fairgrounds for the first time on April 16 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The fair, organized by the Piedmont Environmental Alliance and sponsored by the city of Winston-Salem, is a free, family-friendly outdoor event.

There’s a full day of entertainment, a variety of all-natural foods, and children’s activities to inspire our youngest citizens to take care of our planet.

More than 100 exhibitors demonstrate the sustainable features of their products or services and share their passion for protecting the Earth.

More than 8,000 people attended last year’s fair. Parking is free and valet parking is available for cyclists. Bus transportation from downtown is also available. Visit the Piedmont Environmental Alliance for more details. 

Planet Party 2011 - Earth Day Fair


Collection changes for Easter and Memorial Day holidays

Easter (observed Friday, April 22): Garbage collections scheduled for Friday, April 22, will be held Monday, April 25. All other garbage collections the week of March 29, as well as yard-waste and curbside recycling collections, will not be affected.

Memorial Day (observed Monday, May 30): All yard-waste and curbside recycling collections the week of May 30 will be postponed one day: Monday on Tuesday, Tuesday on Wednesday, etc. There will be no change in garbage collections. 

Holiday Collection Schedule for 2011 


Rollout Recycling Project Increases Recycling

Households with roll-out recycling carts are recycling more than households with recycling bins, based on the first year results of the city’s rollout recycling pilot project.

Households with the green recycling bin put out an average of about 5 pounds of recycling a week. We’re collecting an average of 15 to 20 pounds of recycling every other week from households with roll-out recycling carts. These figure are for cumulative averages. Actual recycling volume varies from week to week.

Households in the pilot neighborhoods have free use of a large, 96-gallon rollout cart for all their recyclables – no sorting or separation needed. The carts offer greater convenience and save time, because they are put out every other week, reducing collection costs and truck emissions.

The results in the pilot neighborhoods show an impressive 50-percent increase in recycling. However, based on the experience in other communities, the Sanitation Division would expect an overall increase of 35 to 40 percent if rollout recycling were implemented citywide.

Sanitation pages:  

Recycle Today pages:  

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