Urban Circulator Study

The City of Winston-Salem is considering the possibility of implementing an urban Winston-Salem Urban Circulator Studycirculator, possibly a streetcar or enhanced bus service, connecting Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods to each other and the region.

About the Urban Circulator Study

In 2006, the Winston-Salem Streetcar Feasibility Study established the concept for a streetcar route through the urban core, but a more detailed evaluation of an urban circulator (bus or rail) is needed. The purpose of this study is to develop and evaluate options for an urban circulator, and to select a preferred alternative.

Draft Alternative Analysis Report [pdf/2.53mb/47p] NEW!

Project Fact Sheet #5 [pdf/859b/2p] 

Urban Circulator Open House June 2013

The final Urban Circulator public meeting was held June 27, 2013, at the Anderson Center at Winston-Salem State University.

Urban Circulator Workshop Presentation, June 2013 [pdf/853kb/28p] 

Urban Circulator Workshop

Urban Circulator Example 1A public workshop was held by the city of Winston-Salem to present information and get feedback on the selected route and type of vehicle:

Urban Circulator Workshop Presentation, January 2013 [pdf/1.39mb/22p] 

What Could an Urban Circulator Look Like?

  • Rubber-tire bus or rail vehicles
  • An old-fashioned trolley or streetcar
  • A more modern-looking, sleek vehicle
  • Color scheme would be compatible with WSTA or other destination characteristics
  • Air-conditioned
  • Wheelchair-accessible
Urban Circulator Example 2

How Would an Urban Circulator Work?

  • Would travel on same streets as automobilesUrban Circulator Example 3
  • Routes would be short, with a high frequency of service
  • If rubber-tire, would obey same traffic signals and speed limits as automobiles
  • If rail, would run on a separate track
  • Circulator stops would be located at high demand destinations and/or businesses
  • Would also have stops at locations that would spur economic development
  • Could potentially utilize historic Union Station in east Winston.

For more information, contact:

Paul Norby
City-County Planning Director
(336) 747-7061

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