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The Utilities Division will begin operations at the newly rebuilt R.A. Thomas Water Treatment Plant on Wednesday, Sept. 14.

Utilities staff do not anticipate any water quality issues with the start-up. However it is possible that customers in downtown Winston-Salem and in areas east of downtown towards Kernersville will see discolored (red or brown) water.

The discolored water, if any, will result from reversing the flow of water in some pipes near the Thomas plant. In order to remove any accumulated sediments in the distribution system that could cause discolored water, the Utilities staff has flushed the water pipes in key areas before the plant start-up.

Although the water may be discolored it remains safe. If discolored water is experienced, customers should refrain from washing white clothes or bleaching clothes. Customers who experience discolored water should call CityLink at 727-8000 and report their address. This will assist Utilities in eliminating this inconvenience.

The Thomas Plant was taken out service in September 2008, demolished and completely rebuilt into a modern 18 million-gallon-per-day water treatment plant. The plant is located at 1201 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Winston-Salem.


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