Construction and Maintenance (C&M)

Water Distribution
The water distribution system roughly covers the entire county with the exception of the northeastern portion. The distribution system consists of approximately 1,994 miles of water mains (July 2005). Staff maintains the water distribution system including mains, valves, hydrants, and connections. Staff also installs water connections at the request of customers in addition to managing the backflow prevention program.

Wastewater Collection
This area provides wastewater collection to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. The sewer system serves approximately 64% of the occupied dwellings/businesses within the county. The wastewater collection system consists of approximately 1,439 miles of sewer mains (July 2005). C & M staff maintain the collection system including the mains, manholes, sewer connections, and force mains. The staff also installs sewer connections at the request of the customers.

Meter Shop
Reads and maintains all residential and commercial water meters in the system. Staff services and changes water meters, and performs cut-ons and cut-offs at the request of the customer and/or the Billing Office. The Meter Shop ensures that meters work effectively and are read properly in order that water consumption is accounted for and billed accurately. Maintenance includes replacing meters ranging from 3/4” to 2” and rebuilding meters.

Technical Services
Assists in maintaining water quality by flushing specified areas of the system, overseeing the Cross-Connection Control program which includes the testing and rebuilding the backflow assemblies as well as performing inspections of large meter (3"+) and fire service (private hydrant and sprinkler systems) connections through our "B" permitting process.

Cross-Connection Control Standards
For Backflow Preventers & Large Water Connections

Cross-Connection Control is the prevention of connections between a potable water supply and any source that can result in a health hazard contamination. The Technical Services section provides expert consultant services for: installation of backflow prevention devices for industrial, commercial, and residential applications of domestic, fire protection, and irrigation systems. Water connections are assessed for the degree of hazard they present, backflow preventer requirements are determined, and installations are inspected, tested, and maintained by state certified technicians. The Cross-Connection Control standards for backflow preventers and large water connections serve as a technical reference for installation and material requirements.

For more information, please call Cross Connection Control section at (336) 771-5130.  

Cross-Connection Control Program [pdf/295kb/42p]  

Test and Maintenance Report [pdf/119kb/1p]

Certified Tester Application [pdf/89.1kb/1p] 

Courtesy List of Certified Testers [pdf/43.3kb/1p]

IMPORTANT NOTICE [pdf/168.8kb/1p] 

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