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Forsyth Invitational tee times for Friday, August 4, 2017

No. 1 tee
7:30 a.m. - Stephen Dunn, William Pulliam, Alex Black, Ron Hailey
7:40 - Scott Campbell, Tom Coleman, Anthony Santiago, Rick Bright
7:50 - Ron Reed, Wayne Kiser, Bobby Pledger, Sammy Evans
8 a.m. - Eric Lawhon, Chris Logan, Uly Grisette
Noon - Doug Levine, Brooks Kennedy, Andrew Kennedy, Jacob Nester
12:10 p.m. - Matt Bostic, Curtis Brant, Flagge Stanfield, Lee Noble
12:20 - Jason Craver, Roger Pinnix Jr., Jason Fulp, Drew Crawford
12:30 - Andrew McGee, Kenny Flynn, Keith McElrath, Tom Rasmussen
12:40 - Brandon Berrier, Kenny Hurst, Vic Marler, Jason Wilkes
12:50 - Arlis Pike, John Hodges, Steve Pegg, Randy Beeson
1 p.m. - Zach Sheets, Jeremy Ray, Josh Nichols, Michael Simmons Jr.
1:10 - Gerald Wood, Mark Robinson, Gerald Carter, Sonny Kiger
1:20 - Brandon Einstein, Greg Einstein, Richard Fields, Jake Rutter
1:30 - Dewayne Blakely, Brad Helms, Russ Patterson, Harrison Rutter.

No. 10 tee
7:30 a.m. - Jim Blaylock, Gerald Edwards, Greg Talley, Booster Thomas
7:40 - Wyatt Joyner, Adam Messenkopf, Michael Robb, Lance Link
7:50 - Davis Gilmore, James Sutton, Justin Lang, John Major
8 a.m. - Brandon Buchanan, Dwayne Hamm, Corey Tramble, Drew Whicker
8:10 - Richard Giles, Kevin Veach, Pete Howard, Joey Howard
Noon - Ed Nichols, Wes Jenkins, Larry Wise, Joe Cocker
12:10 p.m. - Stephen Snodgrass, Rodney Norman, Shad Chrismon, Joe Bartley
12:20 - Sammy Brown, Bradley Smith, Brandon Hughes, David Teague
12:30 - Tim Lawson, Matt Edwards, Stevie Blankenship, Chris Blankenship
12:40 - Larry Lunsford, Adam Moretz, Andrew Danley, Michael Sheets
12:50 - Derrick Creson, Shawn Lambert, Chad Lea, Derrick Sechrist
1 p.m. - Benny Murrill, Terry Coleman, Kelly Davis, Garry Walin
1:10 - Mark Marion, Crayson Compton, Jim Kemerling, Larry Kiger
1:20 - Bill Jackson, Robert Quick, Drew Manley, Rob Saunders
1:30 - Bob Gardner, Hugh Quinn, Mark Robson

The Forsyth Invitational dates have been set!
2017 Forsyth Invitational Dates [pdf]

The Earnest Morris Junior Golf Academy is around the corner!
The Earnest Morris Junior golf academy will begin June 19, 2017, for five weeks. Applications are located at Winston Lake Golf course.  The fee is $125.00 per participant.  For more information, please contact the golf course!

Winston Lake Golf Course
3535 Winston Lake Road

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Winston Lake Golf Course

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