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Personalize your experience on our web site by choosing the articles, newsletters, and events that you are most interested in. Get e-mail updates, have your preferences show in the navigation of your very own MyCityofWS home page!

  • First, register as a member of MyCityofWS by using the "Sign In" link at the bottom of the left column. Click on "Register as a New Member" and fill in your e-mail address, name, password, whether you prefer html mail (with pictures and formatting) or plain e-mail (just text), and other optional information; this will create a member profile for you; then click the button at the bottom to save the information.Confirm by the e-mail you will receive.
  • To make changes later, sign in and click the "Profile" link in the left column and choose/change your areas of interest by clicking the checkbox next to them, and then save your choices with the button at the bottom.
  • Each time you come to the city site, Sign In with the link at the bottom left column or you can click the "Remember Me" box when you sign in from your home computer and then do not sign out when you leave so your computer will automatically sign you in next time you return. (We do not recommend that you select "remember me" if you are not at your own computer.)
  • Now you can click on the "MyCityofWS" link at the bottom of the left column to see your very own My City home page. Bookmark this page in your browser for convenience, and come back often! To return to the regular city web site, click the "Return to" link at the top of the left column.
  • As you browse through the site and see pages that you want to receive updates about or newsletters to subscribe to or events to be reminded about, look for the MyWS links at the bottom ofeach page (when you are signed in) and click the ones to add to your personalized City of Winston-Salem web site navigationor be notified of updates via e-mail. Use the "View all events" link in the left column to see the calendar of events; you can ask for a reminder by e-mail for any event.

You can also enter addresses of interest to you in the "MyAddresses" tab on the Profile page and use these addresses when doing an Advanced Search to find events and news with locations close to your address.

Several departments publish newsletters to keep citizens informed about what is new and upcoming in that department. Subscribe to receive an e-mail notification when the current newsletter is published by clicking on the "Subscribe to this newsletter" link at the bottom of the newsletter page or on the Profile page. You can also read the newsletter from the department web site.

When setting up your profile, you have the option to check off departments and items of interest, as well as areas of interest. You will see a list of all that is available. Choose what you wish, and you can always come back later and make changes.


To unsubscribe, visit the web site (or use the link in one of your e-mails from the web site) and sign in. Use the "My Profile" link in the left column to go to your settings, and uncheck your chosen items, and uncheck the box that says, "E-mail me when new information becomes available" to stop the e-mails. You can make changes here at any time.

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