Gun Buy Back 2014

City of Winston-Salem Gun Buy-Back

A public-private initiative to increase community safety through a voluntary program to take guns out of circulation.

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All contributions are fully tax deductible within state and federal limitations.
  • Assault weapons: $150
  • Handguns: $100
  • Rifles/shotguns: $75
  • All Payments in cash
  • Pellet guns, BB guns and ammunition will also be accepted, but without compensation.

April 12, 2014
$10,000 in buy-back cash is available for this date - first come, first served

  • 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • First Waughtown Baptist Church
  • 838 Moravia St. 

Day of the Event

How to turn in a weapon at First Waughtown Baptist Church

  1. Place the unloaded gun inside your trunk, truck bed, or cargo area before leaving your home.
  2. Approach the church by way of Burgandy, Brookline and Urban streets (see map). Signs will be posted.
  3. Enter the driveway on the west side of the church.
  4. Tell the officers what type of gun you have in the trunk.
  5. Stay in your vehicle at all times. Officers will remove the gun. (If you cannot remotely open the trunk or rear hatch from the driver’s seat, you will hand the officer the key.)
  6. Accept the receipt for weapons collected.
  7. Move to the next stop where a staff member will accept your receipt and pay you cash for the weapons collected.

Questions &Answers

Do I have to identify myself?

Yes. You will have to give your name.

How is the gun buy-back funded?

The program is funded by two sources. First, the Police Department’s forfeiture fund (money recovered from illegal drug activity) and second, a fund-raising campaign soliciting donations from individuals and local businesses and organizations. (See link above to donate.)

Do you really expect criminals will come and sell their guns?

It may not be realistic to expect active criminals will come sell their guns in a gun buy-back, but some families and individuals occasionally decide they no longer want a firearm in their home. This program provides an opportunity to get rid of it in exchange for cash. Guns are big targets for burglars, and if a gun is not adequately secured in the home, it can fall into the wrong hands. Also, this program is a voluntary way for gun owners to exercise their right to sell their guns.

What will happen with the guns collected?

Police staff will enter descriptions and serial numbers into a data base to see if the weapons were used in crimes. All weapons will also be checked to ensure they were not reported stolen. If they were reported stolen, the Police will make an effort to return the weapon to its rightful owner. Additionally, all weapons will be put through the Police Department’s ballistic testing program. If the ballistics testing also indicates that the gun was not involved in a crime, it most likely will be stored for three years and then destroyed in accordance with state law. However, some guns may be used to augment the weapons library of the Forensic Services Division.

I want to remove a gun from my home, but I don’t want to receive payment for it. May I bring it to the gun buy-back?

Yes, you may bring the gun to the buy-back and decline payment for it.

Is there a limit on the number of guns I can sell?

There are no limits to the number of guns that can be sold per individual as long as buy-back money is available. After the buy-back spends all its budget, guns may still be surrendered without payment.

Will you buy ammunition or realistic toy guns?

Participants in the program may turn in ammunition and realistic toy guns, but they will not be paid for these items.

Is the city paying officers overtime to conduct the buy-back?

No. The Police Department has adjusted staff assignments so that the program can be conducted without requiring any officers to work overtime. Staffing this event does not leave any area of the city underserved by the department.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes. All contributions to the gun buy-back program are fully tax-deductible within state and federal limitations.

Can I a make a contribution without using a credit card?

Yes. If you prefer to contribute with a check, please make the check payable to "City of Winston-Salem" and mail it to: Gun Buy-back Program, City of Winston-Salem, P.O. Box 2756, Winston-Salem, NC 27102. Please write “Gun Buy-back” on the memo line of the check.

..... questions? Contact Ed McNeal at

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