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Update 7/10/2009

The Southpark Blvd. project has been designed by a consultant. The project is currently out for bid. Bids are due to be opened on July 21, 2009. If the bid(s) are acceptable, we wish to execute the paperwork and begin construction approximately two weeks later. Construction is anticipated to last for three weeks.

The city has decided to proceed with repairs to a failing culvert retaining wall along Southpark Boulevard while it continues working to resolve the issue of payment for the repairs.

Design work for a new retaining wall is expected to be completed by June 5, at which time the city will solicit construction bids.

The city closed the street between Peters Creek Parkway and Old Salisbury Road in January after the retaining wall became dangerously unstable following a heavy rain. If the wall were to fail completely, the road could collapse.

The delay in repairing the street has frustrated residents in the area. City officials have been working to resolve the issue and noted the following sequence of events:

  • A city employee discovered the failing retaining wall in early December. The city immediately began monitoring the retaining wall twice a day while leaving the street open to traffic.
  • City staff began contacting all involved parties (i.e. developers, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors).
  • Further deterioration of the retaining wall forced the city to close the street during the first week of January in order to protect pedestrians and vehicles.
  • City staff had multiple correspondence with the parties deemed responsible.
  • City was notified by the responsible parties in March that they would not participate in the necessary repairs.
  • City staff subsequently started the process of soliciting a consultant to design the repairs. The design contract was signed this week.

Streets Director Robby Stone said it is too early to give an estimate of when the street will be reopened.

“We realize that this extended street closure has been an inconvenience,” Stone said. “We have been trying to be good stewards of public funds by working with the responsible parties to make the necessary repairs. Because this effort has yielded no action from the responsible parties, the city decided to proceed with the appropriate repairs.”


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