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City departments and facilities received 22 gold and 13 silver awards in the N.C. Department of Labor’s annual safety awards program. The awards recognized city departments or city facilities with 10 or more employees that achieved and maintained good safety records during 2008.

To qualify for an annual safety award, a city department or facility must have had no fatalities during the calendar year at the site or location for which the award was given; and have maintained an injury and illness rate at least 50 percent below the national average for its particular industry group.

Gold awards are based on the DART rate. DART stands for Days Away, Restrictions and Transfers, and is a measure of injury and illness per 200,000 work hours. It measures days lost as well as days a worker is on restricted duty or transferred to other duties because of an injury or work-related illness.

Silver awards are based on the CDAW rate. CDAW stands for Cases with Days Away from Work, and includes cases involving days away from work but does not include restricted activity.

Jim Lavis, the city’s director of employee safety, applied for the awards this year to see how the city compared with national trends.

“The city of Winston-Salem takes the safety of its employees very seriously,” Lavis said. “Safety initiatives are supported from the top down and include our numerous and in-depth safety training opportunities, periodic safety inspections of our facilities and job-sites, and employee involvement.

“Our dedication to safety can be seen in our achievements with regard to our injury and illness rates at our departmental locations as indicated by our DART and CDAW rates.”

Receiving gold awards were:

  • Fire Station 4, 290 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
  • Property Maintenance
  • Fire Station 5, 771 Palmer Lane
  • Fire Station 16, 1701 Pope Road
  • Bolton Street Pool and Park, 1590 Bolton St.
  • Fire Station 1, 652 Marshall St.
  • Fairgrounds, 421 W. 27th St.
  • Cherry Street Parking Deck, 402 N. Cherry St.
  • Black-Phillips-Smith Government Center, 2301 N. Patterson Ave.
  • City Hall, 101 N. Main St.
  • Fire Station 7, 100 Arbor Road
  • Historic Bethabara Park, 2147 Bethabara Road
  • Winston Lake Golf Course, 3535 Winston Lake Road
  • Northwest Water Treatment Plant, 2800 River Ridge Road.
  • R.A. Thomas Water Treatment Plant, 1201 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
  • South Fork Recreation Center, 4403 County Club Road
  • Muddy Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant, 4561 Cooper Road
  • Surveying Department, 650 Stadium Dr. Bldg. #40
  • Bryce A. Stuart Municipal Building, 100 E. First St.
  • Fire Station 20, 1305 Rural Hall-Bethania Station Road
  • Miller Park Recreation Center, 400 Leisure Lane
  • Fire Station 19, 1105 Old Salem Road

Receiving silver awards were:

  • Fire Station 8, 2417 Reynolda Road
  • Fire Station 14, 5754 Shattalon Drive
  • Fire Station 10, 4700 Country Club Road
  • Fire Station 12, 3620 New Walkertown Road
  • Fire Station 18, 1505 Peacehaven Road
  • Fire Station 9, 4685 Ogburn Ave.
  • Hanes Mill Road Landfill, 325 Hanes Mill Road
  • Recreation & Parks Maintenance, 2480 Reynolda Park Road
  • Sanitation Services, 1550 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
  • Manson Meads Complex, 2799 Griffith Road
  • Elledge Waste Water Treatment Plant, 2801 Griffith Road
  • R. W. Neilson Water Treatment Plant, 5725 Frye Bridge Road
  • Urban Forestry/Vegetation Management, 650 Stadium Drive, Bldg. #25

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