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Winston-Salem will challenge the U.S. Census Bureau’s latest population estimate for Winston-Salem, which puts the city population at almost 6,000 people fewer that the bureau’s estimate for the city population in 2007.

The 2008 population estimate, which the bureau just released, puts Winston-Salem’s population at 217,600, compared with a revised 2007 estimate of 223,532. Paul Norby, the city-county planning director, put the Census Bureau on notice that the city will challenge the 2008 estimate.

Last year, the Census Bureau originally estimated the city’s population at 214,675. The city challenged this figure for not adequately counting the effect of an annexation. The bureau subsequently revised its 2007 population estimate for Winston-Salem to 223,532.
“Their 2008 estimate is roughly a 3,000 increase over the number they originally gave us last year,” Norby said, “presumably reflecting growth over the last year. If you add that 3,000 increase to the revised 2007 estimate, our 2008 population should be estimated at 226,451.”

Norby noted that even so, this is less than the city’s calculation that Winston-Salem’s population should have been listed as 227,811 in 2007, based on an annexation in 2006 of 21,000 people.

In a telephone call today to Greg Harper of the local government estimates and migration processing branch of the Census Bureau, Norby noted that the city would challenge the estimate. Harper said that the 2008 number likely was not based on the revised estimate because Census Bureau did not approve the revision until Jan. 9 of this year.

The federal estimate is important because it is used in determining federal distributions and grants based on population.

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