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The City/County Utility Commission is urging residents to eliminate cooking grease as a source of holiday stress by remembering to “can the grease” when they are cooking.

Grease is the leading cause of sewer clogs. If the clog is in your sewer connection, raw sewage can back up into your house!

Follow these simple steps for clog-free drains

  • 1. Pour or scrape grease from pots and pans into a can.
  • 2. Store the can in your refrigerator.
  • 3. When the can is full and the grease is chilled solid, throw it in the garbage.
  • 4. Pour used liquid frying oil into containers that can be capped and thrown in the garbage.

For more information, see the Can the Grease page.

Grease Myths

Myth: I can dissolve grease in my pipes with hot water. FALSE! Hot water gives the illusion of dissolving grease. It really just pushes the grease further down, where it quickly cools and sticks to the inside of the pipe.

Myth: I don’t create enough grease to clog pipes. FALSE! Once deposited inside a pipe, grease does not go away. Over time, any household can put enough grease down a drain to clog its pipes.

Myth: I can flush grease down my toilet. FALSE! Flushing grease down the toilet just creates build-up in the toilet drain.

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