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The Winston-Salem Police Department is warning city residents not to be fooled by a group soliciting money by telephone using the names of the late Sgts. Howard Plouff and Mickey Hutchens.

Recently the department received a report from a city resident of a telephone solicitation from an organization calling itself the "Police Protective Association." The caller told the city resident that the group is raising money for a Plouff memorial. He pressed for a donation of no less than $75 and insisted on an immediate decision with a credit card number.

The Police Department has no knowledge of this group, says Assistant Chief Ronnie Abernathy. "The Winston-Salem Police Department does not solicit funds over the phone and has not employed or condoned private companies to solicit funds in the name of either Sgt. Plouff or Sgt. Hutchens," Abernathy said.

"We have no knowledge of this organization and are concerned that citizens in the area may be fooled into thinking the funds are going to the Winston-Salem Police Department or the memorial funds set up for Sgts. Plouff and Hutchens when, in fact, the department and the memorial funds are receiving nothing from this organization."

Legitimate memorial funds for the families of both Sgt. Plouff and Sgt. Hutchens have been established at Wachovia Bank by the Police Benevolent Foundation. Donations to The Sergeant Mickey Hutchens Memorial Fund and The Sergeant Howard Plouff Memorial Fund can be made at any Wachovia branch. No account number is needed to make a donation, and 100 percent of the funds deposited into the account will go to the families of Sgts. Hutchens or Plouff.


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