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Police Chief Scott Cunningham has formed a Crime Reduction Task Force to fight crime in specific neighborhoods. The task force targets neighborhoods based on crime statistics, citizen concerns, and visible criminal activity. The task force uses a wide range of tactics, including undercover activities, search warrants, and plain-clothes and uniformed officers, to suppress criminal activity.

The task force is currently focusing on two areas: North Liberty Street area bounded by 14th Street, New Hope Lane, Liberty Street, and Cleveland Avenue; and the area around Waughtown and Sprague streets at Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Thomasville Road.

Officers have been working in these areas since July 9. In the first 11 days the task force made 120 arrests, resulting in a total of 304 charges, including 22 felony charges and 167 criminal misdemeanor charges.

The task force activities in these areas over the same time period resulted in the seizure of firearms, illegal narcotics, currency, and other items worth a total of $9,391. Details of arrests and seizures are listed below.

The task force will continue to work in these areas until there is a significant reduction in criminal activity. Inquiries about the Crime Reduction Task Force should be directed to Captain C. W. Cobb of the Special Operations Division, 773-7808.

Crime Reduction Task Force arrests, July 9 through July 20, 2010

  • Total persons arrested/charged: 120
  • Total Charges: 304
  • Felonies: 22
  • Criminal Misdemeanors: 167
  • Traffic Misdemeanors: 91
  • Traffic Infractions: 24

Crime Reduction Task Force seizures, July 9 through July 20, 2010


  • Firearms (3) $450.00
  • Cocaine (18.13 grams) $1,900.00
  • Marijuana (168.5 grams) $1,296.00
  • Marijuana Plants (2) $5,000.00
  • Pills (Vicodin) (3) $45.00
  • U. S. Currency ($450) $450.00
  • Paraphernalia (scales, pipes, packaging) $250.00


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