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The City Council voted Monday night to phase in curbside garbage collection throughout the city.

Starting in August, the Sanitation Division is scheduled to begin delivering 96-gallon rollout carts to city households that are not already participating in the curbside collection program. The schedule will depend on the ability of the manufacturer to produce and deliver the carts. All city households should receive a cart by the end of October.

Residents should begin using the carts as soon as they are delivered. The carts must be at the curb no later than 6 a.m. on the pick-up day to ensure collection. Carts must be removed from the curb by 8 a.m. the day after collection.

Households with no one physically able to roll out the cart may request an exemption and continue to receive backyard collection. Applications for an exemption are available online or by calling City Link at 727-8000. No exemptions will be granted without a written request.

Only carts provided by the city may be used for curbside collection. City ordinance requires that all garbage be bagged. Do not place yard waste, brush, or any construction debris in the cart, nor automotive parts, tires, hazardous waste, hot ashes, corrugated cardboard, or plastic bottles.

The carts can hold 10 average-size garbage bags. All garbage must be placed in the cart. Excess bags should be retained for the next week’s collection. Residents may request a second or third cart; however, an annual service fee of $40 will be charged for each additional cart.

The carts remain the property of the city. Each has a unique serial number assigned to a specific address. Residents may not write house numbers or put any other markings on the cart.

Since 2005 the city has offered a voluntary curbside collection program that proved to be sufficiently popular that more than 65 percent of all city households are participating. Residents already participating in this program will not have to change their current practices.

Curbside collection is a more efficient way to collect residential garbage. It saves fuel, reduces emissions from city trucks, reduces injuries to city employees, and is less susceptible to disruptions from winter storms.

After curbside garbage collection is fully implemented, the Sanitation Division may adjust some collection routes. This may lead to changes in collection days for some residents. The city will mail postcards to all households that change collection days.

More information about curbside collection, including the answers to frequently asked questions, is available at or by calling City Link at 727-8000.

Plastic bottles prohibited from landfills; North Carolina law 

Curbside garbage collection information, frequenly-asked questions, and exemption form 


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