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Hybrid Car logo, link to article about car studyThe city Fleet Services Division is beginning a life-cycle study of hybrid, economy and midsize sedans to determine which vehicle offers the best combination of functionality and economy.

The city recently acquired three Honda Civic hybrid sedans and three Nissan Sentra sedans. The last of each will be placed into service this week.

The City Council recently directed the city to purchase more fuel-efficient cars. The EPA estimates that in city driving the Honda should get 49 miles to the gallon and the Nissan, 28. The city study will determine the cars’ actual fuel efficiency while in city use. But this is just the start, says Sandy Barfoot, general services director.

The study will also track the traditional midsize sedans that the city has used, and look at the overall cost of ownership for each.

"We are going to weigh functionality - how well each vehicle meets the needs of city employees - with the economics: the price, the cost of maintenance and the fuel economy," Barfoot said.

"We’re trying to find the best solution for the city overall, and having hybrids and compact cars will allow us to match them against what the other vehicles in our fleet are doing so we can see what is the best way to go."

The city has solicited bids on three more Honda hybrids and is expecting to buy more compact cars when it makes its annual purchase of 20 to 25 sedans for the year, Barfoot said.

The city will track each vehicle on a monthly basis. A summary of the vehicles’ performance will be posted monthly on this Web site; watch for the first report during the first week of December.

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