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Cart and Bin Autumn 2007 issue

Colorful autumn treesLet's Work Together
Fall holiday collection changes
New leaf collection plan to be implemented November 4
Have an eco-friendly Thanksgiving
Recycle your old cell phones and used ink-jet cartridges
Feed the Bin winners!
Crew of the Month

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Let's Work Together

A message from Sanitation Director Johnnie Taylor

For the good of all of us, the city code requires that all garbage be bagged and placed in containers for collection.

Bagging garbage and putting it in a can keeps your garbage cans cleaner, which makes them less of an attraction for ants, maggots, rats, raccoons and other critters that you don’t want around your house.

Bagged garbage is also much easier for our collection crews to handle. No one likes handling leftovers from a cook out, or a pot of four-day-old beans, or animal waste.

We in the Sanitation Division take great pride in providing good service to the residents of Winston-Salem. No doubt about it, collecting garbage is a dirty job, but bagging makes it a little less so. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Fall holiday collection changes - Labor Day and Thanksgiving

Remember to have your recycling out by 6 a.m. on your collection day.

Labor Day

  • There will be no change in the collection schedule for garbage and curbside recycling. Yard-waste cart collections will be postponed a day throughout the city: Monday collections will be made on Tuesday, Tuesday collections on Wednesday, etc.


  • Garbage collection will be rescheduled because of the holiday. Residents who normally have their garbage collected on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday will have their garbage collected a day early: Tuesday will be collected Monday, etc. Residents with Friday garbage collection will have their garbage collected on Monday, Nov. 26.
  • Curbside recycling the week for Thanksgiving will be collected as normal on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Residents with curbside recycling collection on Thursday and Friday will be collected a day late: Thursday on Friday, and Friday on Saturday.
  • Yard waste cart routes will collected as normal on Monday, Nov. 19. Tuesday and Wednesday yard carts will be collected on Tuesday, Nov. 20 and Thursday will be collected on Wednesday, Nov. 21.
New leaf collection plan to be implemented November 4

The Sanitation Division has adopted a new leaf-collection plan, designed to provide each house with three leaf collections and give residents better guidance on when to have their leaves at the curb to ensure pickup.

The new system will be implemented with leaf season this fall, scheduled to begin Nov. 4. Under the system, the division will make three sweeps through the city. Leaves raked to the curb by Nov. 4 will be picked up no later than Nov. 21; leaves at the curb Nov. 25 will be picked up by Dec. 29, and leaves at the curb by Dec. 30 will be picked up by Jan 12.

Inclement weather may force a change in the leaf collection schedule.

For year-round leaf collection, put leaves in a city yard-waste cart. (Call 727-2638 for information about how to get a yard cart or see the yard cart web page.)

Leaf Collection Guidelines

  • Rake leaves to the edge of your yard, behind the curb, and NOT IN THE STREET.
  • Sticks, rocks and other debris may damage our equipment, so please, LEAVES ONLY.
  • Do not park vehicles on, in front of, or near your leaves.
  • Do not put your leaves on a tarp.
  • You may NOT burn leaves inside the city limits.
  • Leaf collection is provided to single-family houses only.
Have an eco-friendly Thanksgiving

To make your Thanksgiving celebration as eco-friendly as possible, start with the three Rs of conservation: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Thanksgiving dinner on the table

Reduce the amount of waste you produce

  • Buy only as much as you need and chose products that come in packaging that can be recycled.
  • Make your Thanksgiving meal special by using china, glassware and flatware instead of disposable plates, cups and utensils.
  • Purchase your Thanksgiving cooking items in bulk quantities and use the extra for your Christmas menus. This eliminates extra trips to the grocery store and reduces excess packaging.


  • Carry reusable bags when you do your shopping.
  • Use cloth napkins that can be washed and used again.
  • When inviting guests to your Thanksgiving dinner, ask them to bring reusable containers to take home left-overs.


  • All plastic, glass and aluminum containers leftover from preparing your Thanksgiving dinner.
  • If you don’t already have a compost bin, use your Thanksgiving fruit and vegetable trimmings to start one. The compost will enrich the soil in your garden next spring.
Recycle your old cell phones and empty ink-jet cartridges

Through the city’s partnership with Waste Management, you can recycle empty ink-jet printer cartridges and old cell phones. It’s as easy as slipping it into a preprinted plastic bag and dropping it in the mail. Even the postage is covered.

The bags have a bar code that identifies them as coming from Winston-Salem so the city gets credit. Waste Management sorts, grades and disassembles the cartridges and cell phones for their metal and plastic content.

Besides reducing the waste stream, recycling cell phones and ink-jet cartridges saves petroleum and the energy required to produce them.

Bags are available by calling 727-8153 or can be picked up in the lobby of the Bryce A. Stuart Municipal Building, 100 E. First Street.

Feed the Bin winners!

Congratulations to the following winners of the Feed the Bin and Win recycling contest:

Laura Lashley
Dorothy M. Dixon
Joanette & Bill McClain
Susan E. Kern
Ronald G. Hemric
Emily A. Govan
Malinda Oliver
Karen Swaim
Ronnie Patee
The Davis Family
Loretta Mitchell
W. M. George
Kathryn Walters
Marilyn Rollins
Zettie Moody
Tim Braun
Crew of the Month

Congratulations to Moses Belton, Laborers- Donald Clark and Reginald Tyndall, the crew of Truck 447, for being selected the crew of the month for July. Each month the Sanitation Division honors the crew that provides the best service and has the fewest complaints about missed service.

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