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Bicycle Safety
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Welcome to the first issue of our newsletter about biking and walking in Winston-Salem! Periodically we will send out newsletter updates about bicycle and pedestrian projects, bike parking, and other good things that are happening in the Winston-Salem Urban Area.

We invite everyone to help us find a great name for this newsletter. We’ll put all the entries before our selection committee and the winning entry will entitle the person submitting to an appropriate prize: Great Bike Rides In and Around Winston-Salem on CD-ROM, kindly donated by the authors, Judi Wallace and Ken Putnam.

So e-mail your name suggestions today to Matthew Burczyk at The deadline for entries is Friday, October 15, 2010.

New Bike Facilities in Winston-Salem

bike lane marking on roadWhether you’re pedaling, walking, or driving around Winston-Salem, you’re sure to notice some changes to make our community more bicycle friendly. Marked bike lanes started appearing last year and more lanes have been added in 2010. While they may appear to be unconnected to one another, all the bike lanes are part of a grander plan to improve facilities for bicycling. Bicycle lanes are now considered in all street repaving projects and added wherever possible. These repaving projects complement the other bicycle lane projects happening throughout the city. Adding bicycle lanes in conjunction with a repaving project is a more cost-effective method to enlarge the bike lane network.

"Sharrows" marking on the road that indicates a shared lane for bicycles and vehicles.
Bike lanes can be placed only on streets with sufficient width to safely accommodate bicycles and other vehicles. On narrower streets the city is beginning to use a new tool called Shared Lane Markings or "sharrows." These markings will be placed in the travel lane to indicate to cyclists the best travel position while also signaling to motorists that bicyclists will be using the same lane.

The shared lane marking is an effective, flexible alternative to striped bike lanes and can be used to improve cyclist safety and make connections between bike lanes, greenways, and bridge paths on streets too narrow for standard-width bike lanes.

If you want to know where new bicycle lanes have been installed or where they've been proposed, check out this information at the Bike Facility Updates.

You can also gain a broader view of the city’s plans by reading the Comprehensive Bicycle Plan that is now available online.

Comprehensive Bicycle Plan 

Bike Routes 

Bike Facility Updates 

FAQs about Cycling in Winston-Salem

This will be a regular feature in the newsletter to answer questions from cyclists and local residents. If you have a question, please e-mail it to Matthew Burczyk at

Will cyclists be required to ride only in bike lanes, where they’re available?

Bike lanes are provided for cyclists who feel more comfortable riding separately from the regular travel lane. Cyclists who are comfortable riding in traffic will still be allowed to do so.

Will cyclists still be allowed to ride on streets without sharrows?

Cyclists will certainly be able to use any streets where they are currently allowed to ride under the law. The sharrows are placed to indicate the preferred location for the cyclist in the lane while also sending a message to motorists to expect cyclists on that street.

Cycling Sunday

Take to the streets! The city’s third Cycling Sunday will be held Sunday, September 26, 2010, in Downtown Winston-Salem from 2-5 p.m.

This fall event will include a bicycle rodeo for children and free helmet fittings.

Be sure to register for the bikes to be given away—one for an adult and one for a child.

Registration for the drawing is at the Spring Street entrance to the Central Library.

Flier you can e-mail to your friends [pdf/1p]   


Bike Route Map

If you’d like to find other places to ride, you can use the link below to download a PDF of the bicycle route map, which also shows the suitability of different streets for cycling:

Winston-Salem Urban Area Bicycle Map [pdf/8.47mb/2p] 

Paper copies of the Bicycle Map are available at:

  • Bryce A. Stuart Municipal Building, 100 East First Street, Suite 307
  • Division 9 Office of NCDOT, 375 Silas Creek Parkway
  • All locally-owned bicycle shops in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County

Bicycle Safety Walking in Winston-Salem

There are as many as 85 million bicycle riders in the United States

Bicycling is a safe mode of transportation and recreation for the most part but crashes do happen, as you may have heard on the news recently.

The city continues to add bike lanes and shared lane markings to help cyclists while indicating to motorists that bicyclists will be sharing the road.

As vehicle operators, bicyclists must also drive defensively and watch for careless motorists and pedestrians who could cause a crash.

Importance of bicycle safety, bicycle statistics  

Sidewalk Updates

Want to know where the latest sidewalk projects are happening? Find out at the Sidewalk Updates

The City of Winston-Salem continues to strive to improve conditions for pedestrians throughout the city. Walking is important for exercise and is an excellent mode of transportation. Sidewalks are being added/repaired through the Department of Transportation's Sidewalk Program.

As pedestrian signals are added, you will notice more of the countdown signals to help pedestrians know how much time they have to cross before the light changes.

Walking on the sidewalk

Step Up Forsyth!

Step Up Forsyth!Step Up Forsyth!, sponsored by the Forsyth County Department of Public Health, is a free communitywide program that aims to improve quality of life through increased physical activity. Participants may engage in physical activity on their own, as a family, or through clubs, worksites, faith-based institutions, senior centers as a team.

The 2010 Step Up Forsyth! program will run for 8 weeks from September 12, 2010, through November 6, 2010. Participants are encouraged to start the program on September 12 but may join any time during the program. Our goal for 2010 is to recruit 75 teams and log a total of 1.5 million minutes of physical activity!

Registration forms, activity logs and more! 

Safe Routes to School (SRTS)

SRTS is an international program that encourages communities to make it safer for more children to bicycle and walk to school. SRTS’s goals are to reduce childhood obesity, decrease the number of private vehicles at schools, and improve air quality.

The City of Winston-Salem has been awarded a $50,000 Safe Routes to School (SRTS) grant from the North Carolina Department of Transportation for work in six pilot schools on bike and pedestrian education, encouragement, and enforcement. SRTS Coordinator Judi Wallace is working with principals and SRTS Action Teams at each of the six pilot schools: Clemmons, Forest Park, Kernersville, Kimberley Park, and Sherwood Forest Elementary, and Kernersville Middle School.

People walking along streetWith the grant, the city will purchase 24 bikes and a trailer that can travel from school to school for bicycle skills training in PE classes, initially for 4th and 6th graders. Other education programs and events will help students and their parents learn how to walk and bike safely. The school Action Teams will develop encouragement programs and activities to get students excited about walking and biking. Law enforcement agencies will also be involved to ensure that laws are obeyed.

Greenway News: Muddy Creek Greenway Extended

Muddy Creek Greenway

A mother with a child and dog enjoy the newest segment of the Muddy Creek Greenway, which passes under the Robinhood Road bridge.
Muddy Creek, one of the city’s newest greenways, has been extended north from Robinhood Road to the Summerfield community off Shattalon Drive. This greenway on the city’s west side was first constructed between Country Club and Robinhood Roads and has proved very popular. In addition to extending the length of the greenway, paved connections to adjacent neighborhoods and schools make it easier for more people to access this multiuse trail. Two current parking areas allow trail access:

  1. Off Meadowlark Drive, which runs between Country Club and Robinhood Road. A brown park sign marks the entrance to the gravel drive.
  2. Gravel lot on south side of Robinhood Road, just past the Muddy Creek bridge and across from the entrance to Jefferson Elementary School.

Eventually the city hopes to extend the greenway north to Yadkinville Road and south to Phillips Bridge Road.

Meet Matthew Burczyk, Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator

Matthew on bicycleSince arriving in Winston-Salem in May 2009, Matthew has managed to attend lots of meetings and meet tons of people. But we thought you’d like to know a little more about him and his qualifications. First of all, he sets a great example by using his bicycle for most trips around Winston-Salem and even likes riding in the rain.

Matthew brings much experience to his job as Winston-Salem’s third bicycle and pedestrian coordinator. After earning his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, he furthered his education with a master’s degree in urban and regional planning at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He also gained additional certifications in geographic information systems (GIS), the Design of Pedestrian & Bicycle Facilities Short Course, and is a League-Certified Instructor through the League of American Bicyclists.

He first used his training as the bicycle and pedestrian coordinator for the University of Wisconsin-Madison then as a bike-pedestrian planner with Schreiber Anderson Associates, a consulting firm in Madison.

After his first year in Winston-Salem, Matthew says, “I'm really encouraged by the progress we're making in Winston-Salem. Many people are realizing the importance of accommodating pedestrians and cyclists in the transportation system and the positive effect that doing so has on the livability of our community."

In his first year, besides getting acquainted with city and NCDOT processes, Matthew has overseen five bike lane projects and one shared lane marking project. Matthew has also worked on several intersection improvements projects to increase safety for pedestrians and helped in the creation of an updated greenway plan.

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