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Utilities Division - Sept. 27, 2013

Utilities Division customers in the western part of the city and county may notice discolored water starting Monday, Sept. 30, when Utilities crews begin repairing a 36-inch water transmission main at the intersection of Vienna-Dozier and Skylark roads.

The Swann Water Treatment Plant will be taken offline in order to make this repair. During this time, other water treatment plants and pumping stations will be pumping more water than normal, resulting in higher flows in the western part of the water distribution system.

These higher flows may result in discolored water (red, brown or yellow in color). The potential areas that could be affected are west of Stratford Road to Reynolda Road. Citizens in the Southwest, West and Northwest wards could be affected.

Utilities Division personnel will be flushing the lines in an effort to reduce the incidence of discolored water. Citizens in the affected areas should refrain from washing clothes if any discolored water is noticeable as this could stain light-colored clothing. Otherwise, the water will be safe to use.

Citizens who experience discolored water should report it to CityLink at 311 or 727-8000; this will help Utilities personnel prioritize their flushing efforts. For more information call CityLink 311.

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