Trash Busters


WHAT IS TRASH BUSTERS: Trash Busters will promote community participation in combating illegal dumping by offering rewards to citizens who observe and report illegal dumping. It will be patterned after the Police Department's successful Crimestoppers program.

HOW IT WORKS:  Individuals who observe illegal dumping will report information about the perpetrator to the Trash Busters Hot Line. If the information is used to arrest the perpetrator, the individual receives a cash reward of up to $250.

All information is confidential and callers do not have to give their name. As with Crimestoppers, callers receive a unique code number that they can use if they receive a reward.

ADMINISTRATION:  Community and Business Development Department will administer the program.  The Trash Busters Hot Line is 311 or 336-727-8000 . Callers may leave a message after hours.

MARKETING: As with Crimestoppers, efforts will be made to partner with local television and radio stations to raise public awareness and seek information about particular incidents.

Trash Busters signs will be placed at sites that have been repeatedly used for illegal dumping. Posters will be placed in such locations as rental offices, recreation centers, apartment laundry rooms etc.

FUNDING: The total budget for the first year of Trash Busters is $20,000. Of this, $5,000 is allotted for rewards. The other $15,000 will be spent marketing the program.

OTHER: As an adjunct to the Trash Busters program, hidden cameras will be placed at sites that have been repeatedly used for illegal dumping. Warning signs will be placed at these sites.

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