Transit Authority


  • 4 p.m.
  • Last Thursday of each month


Method of Appointment

The eight members are appointed by the City Council upon the recommendation of the Mayor.

Number of Members


Terms of Office

Three years

Chief Staff Person 

Arthur Barnes
WSTA General Manager
Phone: 336-251-1613

NameRace & GenderExpiration
Robert Garcia, Chairman
Hispanic MaleMarch 2020
Keith A. King, Vice Chairman
Black MaleMarch 2021
Ruth Carter
Black FemaleMarch 2020
Willie L Clark, Jr.Black MaleMarch 2021
Trae T. Cotton
Black MaleMarch 2015
Regina Elinore (Nora) Streed
White FemaleMarch 2021
Jack D. Fleer
White MaleMarch 2021

Authority for Creation 

The authority for establishing the Winston-Salem Transit Authority is Chapter 1259 of the 1967 North Carolina Session Laws. The Authority was created by Section 23-163 of the City Code and adopted on March 11, 1968.


The purpose of the Authority is to provide for a safe, adequate, and convenient public transportation system for the City of Winston-Salem and surrounding areas.