Muddy Creek Greenway

Muddy Creek Greenway runs nearly three miles along Muddy Creek from Country Club Road, through Jamison Park, under Robinhood Road, and terminating at the bridge to the Summerfield Development opposite Jefferson Elementary School.

Greenway Overview

Review the following to learn about Muddy Creek Greenway:

  • Connections are as follows:
    • Country Club Road
    • Five neighborhood connectors:
      • Cedar Trail
      • Century Oaks
      • Lantern Ridge
      • Stonebridge
      • Summerfield
      • Brooks Landing
    • Jamison Park
    • Jefferson Elementary School
    • Meadowlark Middle and Elementary schools
    • Robinhood Road
  • Length: 2.9 miles
  • Trail Surface: 10 foot paved trail
Muddy Creek Greenway Map (JPG)