Enforcement Actions Available to the Commission

The Director of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Utilities is empowered through North Carolina General Statute (NCGS) 143-215.6A and the Utility Commission's Sewer Use Resolution (PDF) to take a wide variety of enforcement actions. The following is a list of those actions and the corresponding section of the SUR that describes each.

ActionsSewer Use Resolution Section
Administrative Orders Part B Section 102 D 
Civil Penalties Part B Section 103 
Consent Orders Part B Section 102 B 
Criminal Violations Part B Section 104 A 
Emergency Suspensions Part B Section 102 E 
Injunctive Relief Part B Section 104 B 
Notice of Violation Part B Section 102 A 
Public Nuisances Part B Section 104 D 
Publication of Noncompliance Part B Section 105 
Show Cause Hearing Part B Section 102 C 
Termination of Discharge/Permit Part B Section 102 F 
Water Supply Severance Part B Section 104 C 

In addition to the actions listed previously, a user who violates the provisions of NCGS 143-215.6B may be referred by the Director to the District Attorney for possible criminal prosecution.

Civil Penalties

In determining the number of civil penalties for a particular violation the Director shall consider the following:

  1. The degree and extent of the harm to the natural resources, to the public health, or to public or private property resulting from the violation
  2. The duration and gravity of the violation
  3. The effect on ground or surface water quality or on air quality
  4. The cost of rectifying the damage
  5. The amount of money saved by noncompliance
  6. Whether the violation was committed willfully or unintentionally
  7. The prior record of the violator in complying or failing to comply with the pretreatment program
  8. The cost of enforcement to the Utility Commission

Adjudicatory hearing procedures regarding permit decisions, and civil penalties may be found in the SUR Part B Section 84.