Salem Creek Greenway

Salem Creek Greenway runs along Salem Creek from Marketplace Mall, through Washington Park, under Broad Street, across Main Street and through Happy Hill and Reynolds parks to Salem Lake Park.

Greenway Overview

Review the following to learn about Salem Creek Greenway:

  • Connections are as follows:
    • Broad Street
    • Central Park
    • Civitan Park
    • Gateway YMCA
    • Happy Hills Park
    • Long Branch Trail
    • Main Street
    • Marketplace Mall
    • MLK Jr. Drive
    • Old Salem
    • Peachtree Greenway
    • Reynolds Park
    • Salem College
    • Salem Lake Park
    • Salem Lake Trail
    • Strollway
    • Washington Park
    • WSSU (Anderson Center)
    • Peters Creek Parkway
  • Length: 5.2 miles
  • Trail Surface: 8 foot paved trail
Salem Creek Greenway Map (JPG)