Corridors, Interchanges and Strategic Areas

In 2018, the City-County Planning Board directed staff to begin a new series of long-range plans for Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. These plans would focus on planning for three different situations:

  • Property along Legacy Growth Corridors (such as Peters Creek Parkway)
  • Property around interchanges of the Northern Beltway (such as its interchange with US 158)
  • Property within other target areas (such as the area around Smith Reynolds Airport)

These new plans will build upon the recommendations of the adopted Area Plan Updates, but will include more detailed recommendations, especially related to design and appearance.

  1. Growth Corridor plans
  2. Northern Beltway Interchange plans
  3. Strategic Area Plans

Growth Corridors are part of the Legacy 2030 Comprehensive Plan’s growth management strategy, linking Activity Centers to Downtown Winston-Salem, Town Centers, and each other. Legacy 2030 has identified 12 major roadways as growth corridors countywide. Growth Corridors can support a mix of office, retail, and higher-density housing, reducing development pressure on adjacent residential neighborhoods, encouraging efficient use of public infrastructure, and supporting transit. The purpose of growth corridor plans is to provide land use, transportation, and design guidance to illustrate and facilitate development in an appropriate manner.

Growth Corridor Plans Map

Growth Corridor Plans