Urban Food Production

Legacy 2030, the comprehensive plan for Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, recommends encouraging healthy food production in urban areas as well as rural areas. It also calls for removing barriers to using urban land and buildings for various forms of urban agriculture production. The City of Winston-Salem adopted an Urban Agriculture Ordinance on May 4, 2015, to encourage urban food production and gardens in areas throughout the City.

Urban agriculture is defined by the ordinance as: The growing, processing, and distribution of food and other agricultural products through cultivation. It may include plant cultivation and the growing of non-food crops such as herbs and ornamentals. This use may include accessory structures and buildings used for agriculture-related storage or field packing. Urban Agriculture does not include the accessory cultivation of plants on residential lots solely for use and/or consumption of the occupants of said lots or on-site accessory sales (Section B-2.6.5[B] of the Unified Development Ordinances of Winston-Salem).

Community Garden Site Plan
Person Gardening
Rows of Produce in a Garden