Painting Showing Covered Wagons Parading down a City StreetHistory of Salem, Winston, & Winston Salem

The following are compilations of historical documentation on the history of Salem, Winston and Winston-Salem:

  1. Town of Salem History 1763 to 1913  
  2. Town of Winston History 1849 to 1913
  3. City of Winston-Salem History 1913 to 2018


1766 to 1966
Information from 1766 to 1966 was compiled by Robert W. Neilson, a retired director of Public Works, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Winston-Salem. Information on Salem was gathered from the "Records of the Moravians in North Carolina" from 1766 to 1913. Information also came from the "History of Wachovia in North Carolina" by John Henry Clewel Ph.D.

1913 to 1966
Information from 1913 to 1966 for Winston-Salem was gathered from the Minute Books of the Board of Commissioners. Other information was gathered from old newspaper clippings, including the scrapbook of Mayor Richard J. Reynolds. The writer also included comments based upon his observation and personal knowledge of events occurring during the time period due to his employment in the Public Works Department from 1914 to 1965.

1966 to 2018
Information from 1966 to 1999 for Winston-Salem was gathered from Minute Books of the Board of Alderman and compiled by J. R. Snider, former city employee from 1973 - 2004.

Historic Black and White Photograph of a Busy and Sprawling DowntownMayors

Read through biographies of the mayors of Salem, Winston and Winston-Salem.

  1. Town of Salem - 1857 to 1913
  2. Town of Winston - 1859 to 1913
  3. Winston-Salem - 1913 to present

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