Triad Municipal ABC Board


  • 4 p.m.
  • Third Tuesday of each month


Method of Appointment

The Triad Municipal ABC Board consists of nine members: three nominated by the City Council upon the recommendation of the Mayor, and one each nominated by the governing boards of the Town of Kernersville, the Village of Clemmons, the Town of Lewisville, the Town of Oak Ridge, Town of Bermuda Run, and the Town of Yadkinville. The chairmanship alternates between members appointed by each.

Number of Members


Terms of Office

Three years

Chief Staff Person

Gregory W Bradsher
ABC Board Administrator
Phone: 336-788-7141

Current Membership - City Council Appointments

NameRace & GenderTermExpiration
Daymond LindellBlack Male2June 2025
James Taylor, Jr. Black MaleN/AJune 2021
Suzy FieldersWhite Female

June 2024

Current Membership - Kernersville Appointment

NameRace & GenderTermExpiration
Joseph (Joey) Herman

Current Membership - Clemmons Appointment

NameRace & GenderTermExpiration
Eric BlanksWhite Male3June 2020

Current Membership - Lewisville Appointment

NameRace & GenderTerM Expiration
John McPherson

Current Membership - Oak Ridge Appointment

NameRace & GenderTermExpiration
Sandra Smith, ChairWhite Female2


Current Membership - Bermuda Run Appointment

NameRace & GenderTermExpiration
Tal Brown

Current Membership - Yadkinville Appointments

NameRace & GenderTermExpiration
Dick Steelman

Authority for Creation 

The authority for establishing the Forsyth Consolidated Municipal ABC Board is NC.G.S. §18B-703. Thus was merged the former Winston-Salem Board of Alcoholic Control and the Clemmons and Kernersville ABC operations. The name was changed to Triad Municipal ABC Board February 20, 2006 to reflect a broader membership throughout the region.

Purpose / Function

The Purposes of the Triad Municipal ABC Board include: the operation of retail liquor stores in the City of Winston-Salem, the Town of Kernersville, the Village of Clemmons, the Town of Lewisville, the Town of Oak Ridge and the Town of Bermuda Run and Yadkinville; the enforcement of NC.G.S. §18B (ABC laws) and NC.G.S. §90 (The Controlled Substance Act); and the distribution of revenue to the municipalities and Forsyth County according to NC.G.S. §18B-805.