WIN Laboratory EquipmentThe Winston-Salem Police Department utilizes an on-site external laboratory for the analysis of evidence from drug- and alcohol-based offenses. Although housed within the Forensic Services Division, the laboratory operates outside of the direct control of the Winston-Salem Police Department.


NMS/Integrated Forensic Laboratories (NMS-IFL) is a fully accredited laboratory through the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB).

Benefits of an On-Site Laboratory

The benefits of an on-site laboratory are:

  • Faster turn-around times for the analysis of evidence
  • The availability of those completing the analysis for court proceedings if need be
  • Operating at a much lower cost than if the department staffed their own laboratory

The use of this on-site laboratory should expedite court cases by ensuring that accurate results of analysis are provided in a timely manner.

In August 2015, NMS-IFL began testing evidence for cases involving Driving While Impaired and Violations of the Controlled Substance Act (drug offenses). This resource is available to law enforcement agencies which chose to contract services for evidence analysis.