Telcom Staff Member at Her DeskThe Telcom unit provides supplemental services to the Police Department and the public in the areas of investigation. Telephone/Internet reporting is an alternative method of handling calls for services by using the telephone/Internet rather than dispatching a marked patrol unit.

The Telcom Unit is designed to:

  • Relieve the call load of sworn personnel by handling non-emergency calls when the presence of an officer is not advantageous
  • Reduce the amount of time officers spend answering service calls that are primarily of a report-taking/information-gathering nature
  • Provide a service to the public that allows a report to be filed over the telephone/Internet without reducing the quality of police service being provided
  • Handle walk-in calls at the Public Safety Center located on Cherry Street

Call the Telcom Unit to report non-emergency incidents at 336-773-7700.

Internet Police Reporting

To submit an online police report, go to the Winston-Salem Police Department's Police-to-Citizen (P2C) website. P2C's online reporting feature is designed for incidents that require police assistance but do not constitute an emergency. A few examples of non-emergency incidents that may be submitted using P2C are: aggressive driving, identity theft, larceny, police service. Please note that you will need to use the Internet Explorer browser to access the features of P2C.

Benefit to the Community

  • Telcom provides citizens the convenience of filing a police report anytime/anywhere they have access to a telephone/Internet connection.
  • Provides citizens with a level of anonymity when they do not wish to have the presence of a marked patrol unit in their community.
  • The Police-2-Citizen website provides citizens with an easy method of transmitting data (photos, emails, etc) to the police department. In the past, these items would have to be mailed or hand delivered.