2012 Comprehensive Transportation Plan

Winston-Salem Urban Area 2012 Comprehensive Transportation PlanThe 2012 Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) includes:

  • Project recommendations and problem statements
  • Five maps:
    • Adoption Sheet
    • Bicycle Map
    • Highway Map
    • Pedestrian Map
    • Public Transportation and Rail Map
  • Highway table containing information such as road width, right-of-way width, traffic volumes and capacities, and the presence of transit and bicycle facilities

The previous Highway Map, a conversion of the 2002 Thoroughfare Plan, was originally adopted by the MPO's Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) in August of 2008, and all of the other CTP components except the Pedestrian Map were adopted in January of 2009. As a result of consultations with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), minor modifications to the CTP were made and adopted by the TAC in September of 2009. Primarily, these modifications consisted of map formatting issues.

There were also minor changes to transportation features in order to ensure coordination with other Triad MPOs. The CTP mapping and table was adopted by NCDOT on December 10, 2009. The Pedestrian Map was adopted by the TAC in July of 2011, but has not yet been adopted by NCDOT.

Plan Changes

The 2012 CTP includes the following changes from the previous version:

  • Addition of the recommendations section
  • Update of the Highway Map to include policy changes instituted since the 2002 Thoroughfare Plan
  • Minor modifications to the other maps to conform with recently adopted local plans such as the:
    • Yadkin River Greenway Plan
    • Lewisville Greenway and Pedestrian Connections Plan
    • PART Regional Transit Development Plan
  • Update of the Highway Table to reflect changes to existing streets and to update projections for future traffic volume

The 2012 CTP was adopted by the Winston-Salem Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) and Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) on May 17, 2012.