Public Project Review

Technical Advisory & Project Review (TAPR) Committee

Community Appearance CommissionThe Technical Advisory and Project Review (TAPR) Committee represents the public’s interests in setting high standards of quality appearance and design for public development in our community. After reviewing the plans for public projects, the TAPR committee makes recommendations to enhance the visual quality and aesthetic character of each project.  Schools, offices, landscape plans, parking decks, fire stations, parks, and signage are representative of the plans reviewed.

The Committee is comprised of CAC members. The Committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 4:00 p.m. at the 3rd Floor CCPB Large Conference Room at the Bryce Stuart Municipal Building (100 E. First Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101). The meetings are open to the public.

Projects to be reviewed by the TAPR and CAC must be submitted four weeks prior to the CAC meeting.

2024 CAC Calendar (PDF)

2024 TAPR Committee Calendar (PDF)

When submitting a project to be reviewed, please submit both electronic files and full-sized folded plans. The electronic files may be submitted on a CD or through an email to Planning Staff. The submitted materials should include a site plan, color elevations of all facades, and floor plans, if applicable. The site plan should include the proposed locations of landscaping. Also indicate the building materials, either on the site plan or in a letter.   

A representative for the project must attend the TAPR meeting. During the TAPR meeting, the project designer and/or manager is expected to present the project to the Committee. The TAPR prefers an open discussion during its meetings to gather the specific details, limitations, and requirements of each project. Through this discussion, the TAPR is better able to address its recommendations to the specific nature of each individual project. The TAPR recommendations will be provided to the project designer/manager in writing prior to the CAC meeting. Attendance at the CAC meeting is optional, but recommended.  

For specific information on the TAPR, the review process, or submittal requirements, please review the TAPR brochure (PDF).