Traffic & Safety Studies

Any location which displays a pattern of accidents may be studied for improvements. The Safety Improvement Program is ongoing. Since it began, the Program has prevented over 3,000 crashes and 3,000 injuries. It has saved over $10 million in property damage.

We encourage the public to report safety problems. If you see a safety problem, please call the Winston-Salem Department of Transportation at 336-747-6831 or email Reid Hutchins.

Taxicab Inspections

The Winston-Salem Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is responsible for regulating vehicle-for-hire operations in the city. Vehicles-for-hire are taxicabs, limousines, golf cart companies, and horse carriage companies. The inspection includes the vehicle's drivers' records, owners' records, and insurance. Owners must comply with all requirements of the City Code, Section 78. To report a concern, please call the WSDOT at 336-747-6831 with the time of the incident, the taxicab company's name, the taxicab number, and any other relevant information.

Traffic Calming

Traffic calming is the practice of reducing vehicular speeds and/or volumes in residential neighborhoods through the use of special pavement treatments, curb and gutter placements, movement restrictions, or other roadway design methods. Winston-Salem, like many cities in North Carolina, realizes that speeding traffic on residential streets is unacceptable and deteriorates the quality of life in our neighborhoods. The city has informally implemented several different traffic calming treatments over the years. Please visit the Traffic Calming Policy page to view the document.