Capital Improvement Projects

What is a capital improvement project?

WSFC Utilities systematically evaluates and upgrades the water and wastewater system. Construction may be new installation or replacement of existing infrastructure. Water distribution projects involve pipes, fire hydrants, valves and water meters, plus updates to treatment plants and water tanks. Wastewater collection projects include improvements to pipes, manholes, lift stations and treatment plants.

What to expect during construction

Affected locations are notified in advance of scheduled projects. Work in your immediate area will typically last two to three weeks. Roads may be closed to through traffic and on-street parking may be unavailable, though residents, businesses and customers will still have access to locations. If service is disrupted, customers are advised to limit water usage and refrain from using washing machines and dishwashers. Regular updates are shared with the media and online. You can also subscribe to Utilities Alerts at  

Work is generally confined to the public right-of-way, but should access to private property be required, written permission is requested from the owner. Contracts specify that efforts to preserve trees should be employed and existing water or sewer connections under tree roots are relocated. Grassy areas disturbed during construction will be reseeded and disturbed landscaping, mailboxes, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, etc. will be returned to original condition.

Current Projects

North Mill Creek Interceptor Improvements Project

Project provides for the replacement and upsizing of the existing sewer line with approximately 14,400 linear feet of gravity sewer pipes with sizes ranging between 12-48 inches. The project is located along Mill Creek from approximately the intersections of Reynolda Road and Yadkinville Road to Hanes Mill Road. Contractor: Zachry Construction Corporation

Roswell Lift Station Project

The Roswell Lift Station project is located in the area of Kernersville delineated by Kerner Road, Piney Grove Road, and Linville Spring Road. This project consolidates three existing lift stations (Browns Run Lift Station, Linville Spring Lift Station, and North Lake Lift Station) into the new Roswell Lift Station. The project also includes a total length of gravity sewer of approximately 6,000 linear feet of 8-inch and 12-inch pipes, and approximately 3,000 linear feet of 6-inch diameter force main. The three existing lift stations will be demolished and abandoned. The new gravity sewer will carry the flow from the locations of the existing lift stations to the new Roswell Lift Station and allow residents to connect to this extension of our wastewater collection system.  

South Fork No. 3 Project

This is a sewer interceptor pipeline project that will increase the capacity of the current South Fork Pipeline. Currently, there are two 36-inch pipes that are parallel to South Fork Muddy Creek. The upgrade will consolidate those lines into one 54-inch pipeline. The upgrade is to accommodate new developments in Kernersville, growth in south Forsyth county, and increased wet weather flows.

Zion Neighborhood Sewer Rehabilitation Project

The Zion Neighborhood Sewer Rehabilitation Project is located in the area of Winston-Salem bordered by North Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and North Cleveland Avenue, Highway 421, and 14th Street NE. This project improves sewer pipes that have been in critical conditions through pipe-bursting and point-repair methods in various locations within the project area.