Certificates of Appropriateness

Any work on a Historic Sign, a Local Historic Landmark, or a property in a locally-designated Historic/Historic Overlay District, other than routine maintenance, is required to be approved by the Historic Resources Commission through issuance of a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA).

Commission Review

Staff can issue COAs for Minor Work. All applications for Major Work COAs and After-the-Fact COAs are reviewed by the full Commission. The Historic Resources Commission (HRC) holds its monthly meeting:

First Wednesday of the month at 4 p.m.

The HRC typically does not meet in July.

Major Work Certificate of Appropriateness Applications - 2020

2020-0021/2/2020424 West Fourth StreetInstallation of signageApproved
2020-0031/2/20201124 West Fourth StreetConstruction of a 1-story rear additionApproved
2020-0041/2/2020508 Salt StreetFence and installation of stone faced retaining wallApproved
2020-0052/5/20202147 Bethabara RoadInstallation of RailingApproved
2020-0062/5/20202147 Bethabara RoadInstallation of outdoor interpretive signsApproved
2020-0082/5/2020644 North Spring StreetInstallation of solar panelsDenied
2020-0092/5/20201001 West Fifth StreetConstruction of a screened porchApproved
2020-0122/5/2020421 Summit StreetBuilding rehabilitation & construction of a rooftop additionApproved
455 South Main Street
Installation of internet receiver
644 North Spring Street
Installation of solar panels
420 Summit StreetMaster landscape planApproved
1264 W. Fourth StreetAfter the fact driveway replacementApproved
118 S. Cherry StreetAfter-the-fact installation of windows and siding, mailbox, and exterior lighting; Installation of metal balconiesApproved
508 Salt StreetInstallation of fencing, stone retaining wall, and patioApproved
2020-0537/1/2020908 Carolina Avenue A & BAfter-the-fact façade redesign and rear additionApproved
112 W. Stratford RoadInterior kitchen renovationWithdrawn
Old Salem RoadInstallation of wayfinding signsApproved
319 S. Main StreetInstallation of a car chargerApproved
1000 Carolina AvenueAfter-the-fact construction of a deckApproved
851-855 W. Fifth StreetMaster landscape planApproved
240 N. Sunset DriveAfter-the-fact exterior rehabilitationApproved

605 Jersey Avenue

After-the-fact door and window replacement


601 South Church Street Buildings 6 and 14; 9 East Academy Street

Installation of educational signage


2770 Chatham Farm Road

Construction of an addition and interior alterations


500 Factory Row

Construction of an outbuilding

Continued to
2020-0919/2/2020923 West End Boulevard
Fence installation
2020-0929/2/20201404 West Northwest Boulevard
Park improvements
2020-0939/2/2020NE corner of Spring and W. Sixth Streets
Construction of a duplex
2020-0949/2/20201519 Jarvis Street
After-the-fact vinyl window and siding installation
2020-10010/7/2020146 Piedmont AvenueAfter-the-fact fence installation
2020-10310/7/2020901 West Fourth StreetEnclosure of attached patio
2020-08511/4/2020500 Factory RowConstruction of an outbuilding - additional materialWithdrawn
2020-10511/4/2020835 Carolina Avenue
After-the-fact installation of trellis panels
2020-11111/4/20201101 Glade Street
Replacement of slate roof
2020-11311/4/2020813 South Church Street
Rear landscaping, including new planting beds, fences, and paver pads
2020-11411/4/20202881 Shorefair Drive
Construction of an outbuilding
2020-11511/4/2020490-492 West End Boulevard
Installation of painted wall signage
2020-11711/4/2020Old Salem Historic District
Temporary installation of string lighting
Part 1
Part 2
12/2/2020Old Salem Historic DistrictComprehensive Streetscape and Infrastructure Improvements Project

2020-12612/2/2020823 South Church StreetInstallation of site improvements including stone steps and a retaining wall, construction of a new outbuilding, site work/landscaping work, extension of the picket fence, and resurfacing of the driveway

Minor Work Certificate of Appropriateness Reports - 2020

By Meeting Date
January 2, 2020February 5, 2020March 4, 2020April 1, 2020
May 6, 2020July 1, 2020August 5, 2020September 2, 2020
October 7, 2020November 4, 2020December 2, 2020

Major Work Certificate of Appropriateness Applications - 2019

COA ApplicationMeeting DateAddressStaff ReportCOA
2019-0011/2/2019104 West Fourth StreetSign installationApproved
2019-0052/6/20192147 Bethabara RoadReplacement of wood stepsApproved
2019-0062/6/2019915 West End BoulevardInstallation of hardscape elements and ground coverApproved
2019-0072/6/2019823 South Church StreetReplacement of an existing fenceApproved
2019-0082/6/2019821 South Church StreetAfter-the-fact soil movingApproved
2019-0123/6/20191259 West Fourth StreetAfter-the-fact removal of a maple treeApproved
2019-0133/6/2019434 Summit StreetExterior rehabilitation and stabilizationApproved
2019-0155/1/2019109-115 West End BoulevardExterior porch, stair and patio replacementsApproved
2019-0224/3/2019438 South Main StreetInstallation of electric lantern-style fixture at the entry doorApproved
2019-0234/3/20191820 South Main StreetInterior alterations of the attic and dining roomApproved
2019-0244/3/2019421 Summit StreetWidening of the Summit Street sidewalkApproved
2019-0254/3/20191100 to 1300 blocks West Fourth Street (odd and even)Installation of curb extensions and high-visibility crosswalksApproved
2019-0365/1/2019438 South Main StreetInstallation of signageWithdrawn
2019-0375/1/2019901 West Fourth StreetAfter-the-fact tree removalApproved
2019-0385/1/2019835 Carolina AvenueAfter-the-fact installation of a rear yard fenceApproved
2019-0486/5/2019252 Glade View CourtConstruction of a single-family residenceApproved
2019-0496/5/2019Historic Bethabara ParkInstallation of interpretive signsApproved
2019-0526/5/2019907 South Church StreetInstallation of Moravian-style garden and removal of a magnolia treeApproved
2019-0536/5/2019821 West End BoulevardInstallation of a 6’-high trellis fenceDenied
2019-0546/5/2019433 South Main StreetInstallation of interpretive signsApproved
2019-0629/4/2019923 West End BoulevardAfter-the-fact installation of a highly-visible fence; master landscape planFence denied/
planting approved
2019-0678/7/2019Cedar Avenue (300-400 blocks of South Church Street)Installation of signageApproved
2019-0738/7/2019511 South Main StreetInstallation of signageApproved
2019-0748/7/20191210 West Fourth StreetAfter-the-fact installation of a new windowApproved
2019-0758/7/2019800 West End BoulevardCapping of concrete stepsApproved
2019-0829/4/2019851-855 West Fifth StreetDemolition of the J. J. Easley HouseApproved
2019-0839/4/2019823 West Fifth StreetDemolition of the Frank L. Matthews HouseApproved
2019-0859/4/2019854/858 West Fourth StreetInstallation of egress measures & HVAC units on the roofApproved
2019-0869/4/2019508 Salt StreetAfter-the-fact grading work, installation of PVC downspouts, timber retaining wall and brick paver patio and walkwayApproved/
timber retaining wall denied
2019-0879/4/2019500 Factory RowInstallation of an egress window and window wellWithdrawn
2019-0899/4/2019438 South Main StreetAfter-the-fact installation of a camera-equipped door bell and a motion-activated camera/light and electrical outletApproved
2019-09810/2/2019118 South Cherry StreetLandscape plan, expansion of parking area and after-the-fact tree removal and clearing of the vegetation on the siteApproved
2019-09910/2/20191404 Northwest BoulevardImprovements to the softball fieldWithdrawn
2019-10010/2/2019813 South Church StreetAfter-the-fact installation of a flood light, security cameras, hanging light fixture in rear porch area and relocation of flood lightApproved
2019-11111/6/2019775 West End BoulevardRemoval of a rep maple and boxelderDenied
2019-11212/4/20191404 Northwest BoulevardImprovements to the South Quad softball fieldApproved
2019-11511/6/2019626 South Main StreetSignage installationApproved
2019-11611/6/2019Northeast corner of North Spring Street and West Sixth StreetConstruction of a triplexWithdrawn
2019-12812/4/2019750 Summit StreetInstallation of signageApproved
2019-13012/4/2019601 South Church StreetInstallation of signageApproved
2019-13112/4/2019835 Carolina AvenueAfter-the-fact construction of a parking pad and removal of a maple tree; construction of a deckApproved

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