Certificates of Appropriateness

Any work on a Historic Sign, a Local Historic Landmark, or a property in a locally-designated Historic/Historic Overlay District, other than routine maintenance, is required to be approved by the Historic Resources Commission through issuance of a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA).

Commission Review

Staff can issue COAs for Minor Work. All applications for Major Work COAs and After-the-Fact COAs are reviewed by the full Commission. The Historic Resources Commission (HRC) holds its monthly meeting:

  • First Wednesday of the month at 4 p.m.
  • Bryce A. Stuart Municipal Building
    Arnold G. King Public Meeting Room, Fifth Floor
    100 East First Street
    Winston-Salem, NC 27101

The HRC typically does not meet in July.

Major Work Certificate of Appropriateness Applications - 2020

2020-0021/2/2020424 West Fourth StreetInstallation of signageApproved
2020-0031/2/20201124 West Fourth StreetConstruction of a 1-story rear additionApproved
2020-0041/2/2020508 Salt StreetFence and installation of stone faced retaining wallApproved

Major Work Certificate of Appropriateness Applications - 2019

COA ApplicationMeeting DateAddressStaff ReportCOA
2019-0011/2/2019104 West Fourth StreetSign installationApproved
2019-0052/6/20192147 Bethabara RoadReplacement of wood stepsApproved
2019-0062/6/2019915 West End BoulevardInstallation of hardscape elements and ground coverApproved
2019-0072/6/2019823 South Church StreetReplacement of an existing fenceApproved
2019-0082/6/2019821 South Church StreetAfter-the-fact soil movingApproved
2019-0123/6/20191259 West Fourth StreetAfter-the-fact removal of a maple treeApproved
2019-0133/6/2019434 Summit StreetExterior rehabilitation and stabilizationApproved
2019-0155/1/2019109-115 West End BoulevardExterior porch, stair and patio replacementsApproved
2019-0224/3/2019438 South Main StreetInstallation of electric lantern-style fixture at the entry doorApproved
2019-0234/3/20191820 South Main StreetInterior alterations of the attic and dining roomApproved
2019-0244/3/2019421 Summit StreetWidening of the Summit Street sidewalkApproved
2019-0254/3/20191100 to 1300 blocks West Fourth Street (odd and even)Installation of curb extensions and high-visibility crosswalksApproved
2019-0365/1/2019438 South Main StreetInstallation of signageWithdrawn
2019-0375/1/2019901 West Fourth StreetAfter-the-fact tree removalApproved
2019-0385/1/2019835 Carolina AvenueAfter-the-fact installation of a rear yard fenceApproved
2019-0486/5/2019252 Glade View CourtConstruction of a single-family residenceApproved
2019-0496/5/2019Historic Bethabara ParkInstallation of interpretive signsApproved
2019-0526/5/2019907 South Church StreetInstallation of Moravian-style garden and removal of a magnolia treeApproved
2019-0536/5/2019821 West End BoulevardInstallation of a 6'-high trellis fenceDenied
2019-0546/5/2019433 South Main StreetInstallation of interpretive signsApproved
2019-0629/4/2019923 West End BoulevardAfter-the-fact installation of a highly-visible fence; master landscape planFence denied/
planting approved
2019-0678/7/2019Cedar Avenue (300-400 blocks of South Church Street)Installation of signageApproved
2019-0738/7/2019511 South Main StreetInstallation of signageApproved
2019-0748/7/20191210 West Fourth StreetAfter-the-fact installation of a new windowApproved
2019-0758/7/2019800 West End BoulevardCapping of concrete stepsApproved
2019-0829/4/2019851-855 West Fifth StreetDemolition of the J. J. Easley HouseApproved
2019-0839/4/2019823 West Fifth StreetDemolition of the Frank L. Matthews HouseApproved
2019-0859/4/2019854/858 West Fourth StreetInstallation of egress measures & HVAC units on the roofApproved
2019-0869/4/2019508 Salt StreetAfter-the-fact grading work, installation of PVC downspouts, timber retaining wall and brick paver patio and walkwayApproved/
timber retaining wall denied
2019-0879/4/2019500 Factory RowInstallation of an egress window and window wellWithdrawn
2019-0899/4/2019438 South Main StreetAfter-the-fact installation of a camera-equipped door bell and a motion-activated camera/light and electrical outletApproved
2019-09810/2/2019118 South Cherry StreetLandscape plan, expansion of parking area and after-the-fact tree removal and clearing of the vegetation on the siteApproved
2019-09910/2/20191404 Northwest BoulevardImprovements to the softball fieldWithdrawn
2019-10010/2/2019813 South Church StreetAfter-the-fact installation of a flood light, security cameras, hanging light fixture in rear porch area and relocation of flood lightApproved
2019-11111/6/2019775 West End BoulevardRemoval of a rep maple and boxelderDenied
2019-11212/4/20191404 Northwest BoulevardImprovements to the South Quad softball fieldApproved
2019-11511/6/2019626 South Main StreetSignage installationApproved
2019-11611/6/2019Northeast corner of North Spring Street and West Sixth StreetConstruction of a triplexWithdrawn
2019-12812/4/2019750 Summit StreetInstallation of signageApproved
2019-13012/4/2019601 South Church StreetInstallation of signageApproved
2019-13112/4/2019835 Carolina AvenueAfter-the-fact construction of a parking pad and removal of a maple tree; construction of a deckApproved

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