Installation of New Water & Sewer Connections

Until further notice, Utilities Field Operations will not install new water and sewer connections. Our priority is to maintain and repair existing system infrastructure. In order to connect to our water or sewer system, please contact a licensed utility contractor for this service. Any connections sold prior to January 1, 2019 will be honored.

Water Meters       

5/8 Inches Water Meter$60
1 Inch Water Meter$270
1½ Inch Water Meter$365
2 Inches Water Meter$490

Large Water Meters Prices - Cost Plus 15%

(Effective July 1, 2019)

3 Inches Water Meter$1,693
4 Inches Water Meter$3,439
6 Inches Water Meter$3,962
8 Inches Water Meter$4,706
10 Inches Water Meter$8,496

System Development Fees

(Effective July 1, 2019)

5/8 Inches$795$2,246
1 Inch$1,987$5,614
1½ Inch$3,974$11,229
2 Inches$6,358$17,966
3 Inches$11,921$33,686
4 Inches$19,868$56,143
6 Inches$39,737$112,286
8 Inches$63,579$179,657
10 Inches$95,368$269,486
12 Inches$210,604$595,114