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Department of Transportation (DOT) Permits

Temporary Right-of-Way Closure Permit

In an effort to maximize safety and efficiency during the Business 40 Improvements Project, the City's Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has instituted a new Temporary Right-of-Way Closure permitting policy.

The City of Winston-Salem's goal during the Business 40 Improvements Project is to minimize congestion and maximize community safety. Therefore, the WSDOT is instituting and enforcing a new policy requiring all contractors (unless otherwise informed by WSDOT staff and/or not directly associated with the Business 40 Improvements Project), that are working within city limits to file for a "Temporary Right-of-Way Closure" permit and pay the associated fees.

We request that contractors filing for this permit do so well in advance of their required work schedule. To file a permit, please submit a completed application to the City's Permit Office in person or by emailing Winston-Salem Department of Transportation Permits. For more information regarding the new policy please email Rodd Ring or call him at 336-747-6990.