Employee Safety

Employee Safety, a component of Risk Management, works to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. With your help, and working together, Winston-Salem can remain a safe place to work and play, and we can strive to make some improvements along the way.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration Standards

The Employee Safety Department administers an employee safety program that complies with the workplace standards as established and enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, (OSHA). While the federal government develops and maintains OSHA standards for workplace safety, so does the state of North Carolina. In some cases the OSHA standards enforced by the state are tougher than those governed by federal policy. That's good news for us.

The Employee Safety Department has the responsibility to comply with all standards relevant to city operations: providing training where needed, inspecting facilities and job sites, ensuring that corrections and improvements are completed as necessary, and evaluating job positions to ensure we are using safe work practices in the safest working environment possible.

Help Support Us

Help support our efforts by letting us know of any unsafe working conditions that have the potential to cause harm to employees. Work safely, and keep an eye open for the safety of your coworkers. Together we can make a difference. Did you know that 95% of all workplace accidents are avoidable?

As we all learn ways to do our jobs in a safer manner, we can expect to greatly reduce and even eliminate accidents in our working environment.