Accident Review Board

Regular Meetings

  • 3rd Thursday of each month at 2:00 p.m.
  • 2000 Lowery Street
    Suite 122 (Employee Development), Room 1311
    Winston-Salem, NC 27101


Board MemberDepartment/DivisionTerm Expires
Gray KnightUtilitiesDecember 2019
Vickie Pigg
T.F.O.December 2019
Bryce ShermanRecreation and ParksDecember 2019
Josh SperleProperty/Facilities ManagementDecember 2019
Fire PersonnelFireN/A
Police PersonnelPoliceN/A
Police PersonnelPoliceN/A
Police PersonnelPoliceN/A

About the Board

The Accident Review Board is a panel of employees whose sole responsibility is to evaluate vehicle accidents and determine the preventability of the accident. The Accident Review Board are appointed and made up of at least nine members representing all levels of employees, two Employee Safety representatives, and the city claims adjuster. The appointed board members will serve a two-year term which will expire at the end of December. Each new board member will be trained in the accident review process and analyzing accident data.

Review Process

The employee and his/her supervisor are expected to attend the Accident Review Board meeting. During the meeting: The Board will review all written reports, photos and diagrams of the accident scene. The Employee Safety staff will assist by describing the accident to the Accident Review Board and will assess the preventability of the accident based on the classification system. The employee and his/her supervisor will clarify details of the accident and answer questions posed by the board.

Each board member will rank the level of preventability of the accident based on the classification system. The board's decision will be forwarded to the employee, his/her supervisor and department head for appropriate disciplinary action (see the Vehicle/Equipment Management Policy (PDF)).


ANon-preventable (NP)
BMinor Disregard of Defensive Driving (Inattentive Driving)
CMore than Minor Disregard of Defensive Driving (Negligent Driving)
DGross Disregard of Defensive Driving (Reckless Driving)

Preventable Vehicle Accidents

The National Safety Council’s definition of a preventable accident is: An accident in which the driver failed to do everything reasonable to prevent it. Defensive driving means driving to prevent accidents in spite of the incorrect actions of others, and in spite of the adverse conditions.