Vehicle Safety

Every day city workers drive thousands of miles while traveling to and from job sites, and performing other essential job functions such as responding to public emergencies. Because of the numerous hours and miles employees spend on the road daily, this increases the probability that they could become involved in a traffic accident or collision. In light of this, the city has placed great emphasis on driver safety and making sure that its employees are trained in defensive driving techniques.

Whenever an employee operates a city or personal vehicle to conduct city business (in the performance of their jobs), they are expected to obey all traffic laws and regulations, as well as city policies.

City Licenses

Employees (except sworn Police and Fire) are required to obtain a city driver's license whenever their work requires them to operate a city vehicle. The employee must complete a defensive driving safety training class within one month of operating a city vehicle.

Defensive Driver Safety Training

The purpose of the defensive driver safety training is to increase the driver's awareness of safe driving techniques in order to reduce the number of preventable and non-preventable vehicle accidents as well as property damage and personal injuries. The city offers two defensive driving classes:

  • Car and Pickup
  • Utility Truck

The type of defensive driving class a city employee must complete will depend upon the largest size vehicle he/she will drive. For example: If the employee will drive a dump truck, then he/she would only have to complete the utility truck class which would allow that person to drive any vehicle that size or smaller. If the person starts off driving a car or pickup truck, he/she would only need to take the car and pickup class. If later that person wanted to drive a larger vehicle he/she would have to take an additional class.

State Operator's License

Note: Along with having the city driver's license the employee must also have a valid North Carolina operators license for the type of vehicle he/she will operate.

More Information & Scheduling Training

For more information or to schedule employee(s) to attend this training contact Employee Safety at 336-727-2296.