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The Event Calendar shows city events from all departments. Click on "View all events" to see the entire calendar.

Be sure to look at our special sections for some interesting information!

  • "Discover Winston-Salem" and our history, entertainment in the city, and vital statistics.
  • "Services" will help you find all the ways you can pay your bills, reserve shelters, look up crash reports, and more -- right from the comfort of your own home!
  • "Business" and "Development" will help new businesses get started in Winston-Salem and offer tips and help for established businesses.
  • Forms, reports, brochures, and special publications are available in the Forms section.

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Online Web Payments

Online web payments service is available for paying your water/stormwater bill, parking tickets, and renewal of yard-waste cart stickers. We accept Visa, Discover, and MasterCard for payments. You can also use the form supplied on the "Pay Bills" page to arrange for an automatic draft from your bank account.

Helpful Resources

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