Human Resources

The Human Resources Department facilitates the hiring of new personnel and administers employee benefits programs, including but not limited to healthcare, vacation and sick time, and retirement. As the first and last department an employee interacts with in their time with the city, it is this department’s mission to be a leader in providing for and serving the human capital needs of the city’s workforce so that we attract and retain diverse and skilled employees who deliver value to our citizens. Learn about your benefits by reading the Employee Handbook (PDF), the yearly benefits booklet, and this website.

Employee Library

The Employee Library is in the Bryce A. Stuart Building, located next to the break room on the first floor. Books and DVD are available for check-out.

A Paperback Book Exchange will also be available. Employees may donate a paperback (fiction) in good condition and take a paperback in return from the designated shelf.

Wellness Classes

Please check the Employee Center home page for class offerings each month. This applies to all wellness classes. 

To sign up for a wellness class, call 336-748-3864, email DeAnna Benton, email Theresa Duncan, or fill out our registration form.