Education Assistance

The City of Winston-Salem encourages employees to further their education and training. As such, financial assistance is available under the Education Assistance Program to full-time employees or part-time employees, who are certified for benefits, for part-time or full-time studies at accredited institutions. The policy also covers continuing education courses and preparation courses, including self-guided courses, for certification and licensure tests for professional development which are provided by accredited institutions or professional associations.

Education Assistance Policy Revised 12-4-19 (pdf)


The Application for Education Assistance form must be submitted to the Human Resources Department/Employee Development each semester before the class(es) begins. See your Employee Handbook for full details or read the updated policy. Note: There are changes to the policy as of 2006. If you leave the employ of the city within 6 months of completing a reimbursed class, the money must be refunded to the city. Please call Brenda Holmes at 336-734-1304 if you have any questions.

Applications received after the start of class will not be approved. Send your application as soon as you know you plan to take classes. You should have received back the approved application before you even sign up or register or pay for any classes or exams; this way you know beforehand whether the cost is eligible for reimbursement.

All requests for reimbursements for classes taken in a calendar year must be submitted to Employee Development no later than 60 days following the end of the calendar year. If you miss this deadline, you will not be reimbursed for your classes.

Before Your Class Begins

  1. Access the form (DOC)
  2. Your social security number or City Employee Identification Number is required
  3. Fill it in on the screen and print or print it and then fill in
  4. The application must be signed by the employee.
  5. Send it to Employee Development (Brenda Holmes)
  6. A copy will be returned to you, either approved or not
  7. If approved, keep it until your class is completed

After the Class Is Completed

Return the approved form and your documentation to Employee Training. The required documentation includes:

  • A copy of course grades
  • If claiming book expenses a copy of the book receipt showing the name of the book(s) and the course syllabus showing the names of the required books
  • An itemized bill from the college or university (fees must be itemized)
  • A receipt for payment of the bill

You can expect a check for the reimbursed amount in about 2 weeks. Incomplete documentation will not be processed.

More Information

For more information, visit the College Foundation of North Carolina website.