1. Bulky Items

    Bulky items such as carpet, appliances, furniture, mattresses, etc., will be picked up by the city crews only during your annual neighborhood area cleanup, scheduled sometime between March 4 and September 6, 2019.

  2. Curbside Pickup

    Curbside collection will save taxpayers money because it is more efficient. It takes less time, saves fuel, reduces truck emissions and reduces employee injuries. Curbside collection will also reduce the havoc that winter storms play on garbage collection schedules.

  3. Inspections Division

    The Inspections Division works to ensure that all new construction and alternations and/or repairs to existing buildings are properly permitted and constructed in compliance with the State of North Carolina adopted building codes and locally adopted development regulations.

  4. Landfill

    Get access to location and contact information for Landfills in the area.

  5. Leaf Routes

    Leaf collection occurs in three rounds across four quadrants of the city.

  6. Recycling

    Learn about recycling in the community.

  7. Water / Sewer Service

    Learn about the role of the Utilities Department.

  8. Zoning