Walking Maps

Walking Maps for Downtown

Taking a walk during your lunch break? Why not explore downtown while you get your exercise! Our maps will show you a route and the approximate mileage, all starting from the corner of First and Church streets - at City Hall and the Bryce A. Stuart Municipal Building.

Along the way you´ll see part of what makes Winston-Salem the city it is - the Sawtooth Center, the galleries and shops on Trade Street, the restaurants on Fourth Street, parks, fountains, strollway - and the wonderful art deco architecture. Maybe you´ll have a destination such as Old Salem, the Credit Union, the Public Safety Center, or the Library.


  • 3/4 mile - South to Cemetery Street/Salem Avenue
  • 1 mile - A square of First, Marshall, Fourth, Chestnut
  • 1.4 miles - First, Main, Fourth, Trade, Sixth, Cherry
  • 1.5 miles - To Old Salem and back
  • 1.66 miles - To the Public Safety Center and back
  • 1.75 miles - To the WSSECU and back
  • 1.75 miles - To the Library and back
  • 2.25 - A loop from Church to Fourth to Sixth, return on Marshall
  • 2.5 miles - A large square of First, Broad, Sixth, Chestnut

New Routes

  • 2.39 miles - PSC to Academy: Public Safety Center south on Cherry to First, left to the Strollway, south to Academy Street at Old Salem, and back to PSC.

So get out there and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!